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  1. I have invested many months and many moneys into flying drones. It is a very good idea to practice with a small one. And it's very fun to fly. I started with the Hubsan X4. However, I would recommend for you, the Blade Nano QX RTF. It is a bit more money, but it is far more stable, which is great for beginners. It's also lighter than the Hubsans, and have blade guards. Its very hard to break.(My friends throw things at it to knock it out of the sky while I fly it, it's been hit by shoes and other heavy things without breaking). And if you do break it, your local hobby shop will have parts for
  2. I was lucky enough to get a couple thousand dollars worth of liquors handed down to me, so I have been mixing quite a bit as well. Since you said you like SoCo, try this mixed drink out: The Alabama Slammer. 1 oz. SoCo, 1 oz. Amoretto, 0.5 oz Grenadine(or Sloe Gin), orange juice, ice. Mix everything but the OJ, and pour over Ice. Then fill the glass with the orange juice and give it one more swirl. If you're having a party, and want to make something that tastes good and will really get you drunk, I suggest you make Skipper. I promise you, as long as you don't make any substitutions. I h
  3. Fireball Cinnamon Whiskey is delicious. It tastes like Big Red chewing gum, has a bit of a kick to it too. Three Olives 'Dude' is a vodka that tastes a lot like Mountain Dew. Svedka Citron is good. Despite it being lemon flavored and smelling like lemon pledge, it is actually sweet, not sour. Jack Daniels honey whiskey is very smooth. All 4 of these are very easy going, especially in shots. They go down without the need for a chaser for most people I drink with.
  4. Sounds somewhat similar to this: http://revision3.com/tbhs/hak5 The hardware support is there, what's left with the software would be up to you.
  5. Most likely not, unless there is major major work done. The processor architecture of the Pi will not allow it to run anything designed for x86 type processors. If you really want a version of Windows to run on a raspi, you're best bet would be to try and get Windows CE running on it
  6. Do you charge your phone while playing music? If so, try unplugging the charger. If it sounds better, it means you have a ground loop(basically 2 paths to the negative terminal of your car battery). This is a common occurrence with many portable devices. Apple's devices seem to be one of the few that don't seem to suffer from it because they seem to isolate the grounds within the device, and tend to have nicer quality DAC's (digital-analog converter). If this is the case, you have a few solutions: 1. Get a ground loop isolator like this one 2. Use a head unit that plays your music via USB
  7. Theoretically, yes, but the downfall is that these devices have code on them that's specifically for bitcoin mining. You would have to modify or write your own code for other uses, and that is no simple task for FPGAs, since everything is done in digital logic rather than a programming language like C, and their performance relies on how efficiently you write your logic. The reason it works for bitcoin is that everything is the same encryption, the same length, etc. You hardly find that with passwords, so for max performance, you need to write different logic sets for different types of passw
  8. I haven't posted in a while on these forums, but I still get the email updates. When this hit my inbox, I had to reply... Do you live in the USA? If so, there are some major violations on your school's part. I know this from being very familiar with law enforcement officials. A principal or teacher can never search your person. That is your private property and they conducted an unlawful search and seizure. The only time this does not apply is when you are under accusation of carrying something that endangers the physical lives of those in the school(a gun, bomb, etc.). Your car is also off-li
  9. hmm... The first things that come to mind would be keymapper and autohotkey, but I think that they would remap the numpad of both the seperate numpad as well as the numpad built into your desktop's keyboard, that is, if your keyboard has a numpad. If it doesn't, then this is easily the best way to go.
  10. Thanks guys, but I tried all of these suggestions but to no avail. Originally, I put the sensor line for the pump on the cpu fan line, but ran power directly from the PSU(since the pump is rated for up to 2A). I unplugged this and ran with some random 120mm fan I had plugged in the CPU port. The fan spun, but still no post. I did send an email to newegg and they said that they would gladly take it back(even though it is far out of warranty), so I am quite happy! I did take that chance to upgrade to a nicer mobo and got the Asus Maximus III gene and it runs spectacularly! Thanks!
  11. I don't know about being able to without some sort of wireless sniffer, but the onstar box itself is pretty big. In my grandfather's 2006 Envoy it is about the size of a lunch box and is underneath the rear pasenger seat. It has a motorola sticker on it. You can be sure there is no tracking being done if you just unplug that box
  12. Hey, does anybody have some knowledge that could help me out here? I have been building up my computer for quite a while, and this summer, I built a case for my system out of an old Power Mac G5 case. I have had this thing powered off and put away for almost the entire summer, and over the summer I have added a liquid cooling loop, A bluray burner, and a second graphics card to do crossfire. The thing is, once I built everything up, I have a non-functioning computer! Here are my symptoms: 1. Green LED on mobo(used to remind you that your PSU still has power and is powering the mobo) is on.
  13. Yes, it is very simple to set up, especially if you have a cat5 cable running between the 2. nothing needs to be changed on your main router, as long as you know the router IP address, subnet mask, and the DHCP scope(what addresses it will assign to your other computers.) On the 2nd router(linksys) log into the web interface. on the first page, Under Router Setup, you should see 4 fields. Local IP address, subnet mask, gateway, and local dns. Local IP address: You're statically assigning a new ip address based on the info you found from your first router, chances are, will work
  14. Has anybody here used either the Weller WES51 or the Hakko FX-888? I have to give back my school's WES50 that I have fallen in love with. I have checked many websites with all the reviews being on the fence... Weller WES51 Hakko FX-888
  15. Check out adobe Muse. its free in beta right now, and it is really slick. It's basically for those who are good in creative design but dont want to be bothered with coding. Basically, Apple's iWeb on crack. http://muse.adobe.com/ It won't teach you how to code, but it will make a cool website and you can always dive into the code and write it out like Dreamweaver.
  16. do you recommend any one over the other? A lot of people have been saying EK is the best, but they have been having problems with their electroplating... how was your experience with them?
  17. So I am buying some parts from Swiftech to liquid cool my entire system (processor + 2x ATI Radeon 5870's) and I have had an order at Swiftech for close to 6 weeks now. Unfortunately, they do not know when they will get any more of their Komodo HD 5800 full vga blocks, so if they don't come in a week, I will have to cancel and go with some other block. I've heard of Danger Den, Koolance, and EK, and have read alot about each brand, but how would they stack up when it comes to 1. cooling my cards? 2. crossfire configuration? 3. adapting to the swiftech system? EK has a huge selection for m
  18. Thanks! I got it to work with the internal/external port forwarding technique!
  19. Hey! I have a bit of a dilemma. I have 2 computers at home that I regularly ssh into from outside the network when i'm out and about. I can currently access computer 1 because my router is updating a DDNS address, and i have port 22 forwarded to that computer. However, when I want to access computer 2, I open my web browser and go to my ddns address:8080 to open the management for my router, change the ip address that 22 is fowarded to, and then ssh into computer 2 with the same command as computer 1. Is there any way that I can ssh into either of those machines without having to access my ro
  20. Wouldn't it be hilarious if LulzSec was actually a group of legitimate infosec companies who banded together to start a scare campaign posing as script kiddies, to scare more companies to increase their security measures, and therefore increase the profits of the infosec companies? If I was in the position to do such a thing to increase my may rate, I don't think I would think twice(especially if my company is the company doing the security auditing for the government forces responsible for tracking these people down)
  21. One adverse effect I just thought of: If cars drive themselves, they will follow the law. Since police officers spend the majority of their time watching for traffic offenses, what happens once those offenses are eliminated?
  22. One adverse effect I just thought of: If cars drive themselves, they will follow the law. Since police officers spend the majority of their time watching for traffic offenses, what happens once those offenses are eliminated?
  23. Here's something you can do to see if a store is legit and worth buying from. take the title of the product exactly as it appears on their page go to www.google.com/shopping paste in the title. you should only have a few results. if you have alot, put more exact text from that page in. as you can see here, Data Alliance has 131 google shopping reviews, and a rating of 4.7/5. I've done this when buying from an unknown store, and haven't been let down. hope it helps
  24. yeah, instead of paid apple fanbois here, the genius bar is stocked with actual computer enthusiasts!
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