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theres a good amount of free linux multiplayer games out there. some work for windows and mac too. any one feel like choosing a game an get a bunch of people from the forum on there to play?

im testing out some games on playdeb.net. some are kinda lame feel like they should have been made in the 90's. but some are good. any one interested?

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im up for a official hak 5 game for all of us hakys to hang out and play together. we should have designated times on certain days, like once a week to all meet up and play. and then on top of that, anyone that wants to anytime can jump on and play with other members if there on, but a designated time to get the most people would be nice.

probably a game we can create a group on or have a friends list....

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pffft lol steam does suck tho i had to buy a new router b/c it messed up

... there's a wicked free strategy game but you'd probably find it really boring

openttd ?

build a transport network ?

internet ready & come bundled with server etc

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