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Darren's be talking a lot about how he loves his new android phone. Im nearly convinced to ditch my iphone 3G for a droid of some kind.

So to Darren and anyone else who wants to chime in...

What model phone do you have?

If you were to buy a new droid phone today which would it be? and why?

Would you avid certain models? and why?

I currently have a droid 1 in my hands in order to take a good look around the OS and get familiar with how things are laid out and run. It has froyo (2.2) on it and seems pretty smooth. My current leanings are to the Droid X due to its larger screen, better camera etc...

Thanks for any input.

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i have an HTC Droid Eris. its rooted running evil eris rom and over clocked to 768MHz. it could go higher but im afraid ill melt the phone. i love it. its amazing. i got the open home themes an all that goodness.

but the next android i get will be maybe this one...


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I have a Nexus One, probally the best phone I've had. If you don't mind delays for updates (N1 is the google dev phone and gets updates 1st), there is the EVO 4G (on sprint), HTC Desire (on most EU networks, very much the same as the N1), HTC Incredible, Motorola Droid X and Droid 2. Motorola lock the boot loaders, so no custom roms on them, but the hardware is a little nicer than HTC. HTC is more hacker friendly.

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I love Android. I still have my trusty old HTC Hero (Android 2.1 - Non-rooted). I've done a little development work with it and I have to say, it's very intuitive. I haven't done any development work with the iPhone, so I'm not in a position to make comparisons - but I truly love android and would recommend it for anyone who wants to begin mobile development.

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Original Droid.

Overclocked at 1GHz and Rooted all before its first text or phone call went out. Best phone I've had I had a 3G and a 3GS while both amazing phones I like the freedom and openness of the android platform. Very simple and clean to work with. Best thing to do on a android is find a better launcher in the market and the phone's speed up drastically :) I don't have the same battery issues that I did with the iPhones either my little Droid last me a true 24 hours which makes me happy but it's no ware near the week long standby of an old windows mobile phone I onces had before the iPhone.

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its not a phone but its still runs android :) Archos 5 I've had it for 6 months now and love it. :) I wanted to do some packet sniffing and stuff with it but couldnt find any apps that did that then I got the android market hack and found wireshark and several other apps but they require root :( I can root it and even get froyo on it but I loose the awsome archos media player that has direct links to hak5 and all the rev3 shows :) so I keep going back and forth over to root or not to root :|

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the droid 2 does it for me.... i need the physical keyboard to type and see everything at the same time, also i dont need all the bells and whistles that come with the new new new droids out there like the X (even though the 2 is newer lol) plus it doesn't look like the power house it is and if I am going to be doing naughty things on my phone i dont want to have the phone people remember seeing...

also to answer the question about samsung phones:

every previous phone i've had (except for my ATT 8125) was samsung and they are quite nice phones... however they arent the most sturdy phones in the world... i dont know about the one you're talking about, but as long as its not just plastic glued to the frame (like the blackjack series and its descendants were) it should be fine

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