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Facebook Vs Myspace


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I'm not sure if this question was already posted but I was wondering:

What do you like about Facebook that's different on MySpace and vice-versa?

What feature would you want them to have that neither of the sites have?

Thanks for any input

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Facebook and myspace are dead for me, its a waste of time and rather chat/talk at Hak5.org its more fun and interesting.

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People are not interested in social networking websites - they are interested in the people on them. There is a huge difference, and if you have plans on trying to start one up I think you need to grasp that. It really doesn't matter how much better of a site you can create. If google can't get people to use orkut, wave, etc, I have no idea how a small player could get one going. Facebook and Myspace both had a lot of lucky right place at the right time type things happening for them to get as big as they did. I bet most users of both sites hate the site but use them anyway, because its not about the site, its about the people.

I signed up for a facebook account after I noticed that about 400 out of the 500 some people I graduated HS with had one. That is a nutty percentage, and it makes people feel like they need to jump on the bandwagon since everyone else is. Personally I hate the site though - I hate the wall concept, and I hate just about everything about it. That said, if you give me a link to a much better site, it doesn't matter I won't sign up because the only reason I have to go to such a site is to check up on people from my past, and if their not already on the site, then there is no point to being on it. It's a catch 22.

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I use Twitter to keep up with any aerospace related stuff, i.e. Nasa.

I also use it for Islamic updates on any new Islamophobic crap around the net.

Yes, I'm a Muslim and I'm involved in the aero industry.. Life is tough <_<

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Yes, I'm thinking of starting one, but it'll more than likely be like a small amount of people. I just wanted to start one because on the last social networking site I was to work on, we got a lot of it done, and then a lot of the team working on it sort of dispatched. The project was just too unorganized.

I know it's most likely not going to be popular or anything, but it's worth the shot that I'll get that "right place at the right time". I'm not looking to make a profit whatsoever, I already have other methods of making money, this is just because I hear a lot of people saying that facebook is so much better than myspace or the other way around, and it would be really cool if people agreed on liking a site that I helped build.

@okiwan Lol, nice - I never thought that they'd actually make a movie about that. o.O <offtopic>And that's a good song on the trailer.</offtopic>

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