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Crazy Internet Speeds....


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Just wondering what kinda speeds your company internet is running at...


At home I run at about 3Mb/s so this was one big suprise :lol:

You just wanted to gloat.... ;) 10Mb at home and 10Mb, with a separate 6Mb vpn tunnel back to hq at work.

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I'm with ya macrohard. Mine is so horrible in Missouri, US that I'm not even going to bother posting it.

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eh.. all you with your newfangled fast speeds :P I'm cappin' @ 6mbps, but that's the fastest AT&T has down here. Not bad though really. I don't quite get it after like 24 to 30mbps. I can even stream compressed HD so I'm happy with what I have :) (but I never said faster wasnt better either hehe)

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