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BSoD is Canceled


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General hackery, some interesting radio stuff, hardware, software, console hacking (not piracy, fiddling with memory addresses and such), a little of everything really. Shame, I never really had anything to submit, though I considered it, a great show though, very informative.

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BSOD is a great show, with a lot of usefull information and they do/did an excellant job of explaining how to do things while showing you what to do. They were one of the shows that would bring a lot of home brew video game hacks that you didn't really see in other iptv shows.

I hope they at least leave their site up or someone archives all the shows episodes. I used to download them religiously along with hak5, but stopped a while back due to personal things I needed to tend to, like work, school and most importantly my family(wife and kids come first!). I need to catch up on the shows though. Ive been kind of slack on them and hak5 lately.

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I must admit I hadn't even heard about the show before this thread, but after downloading randomly 5-6 episodes, I must say this show has... or rather had a lot of potential.

I highly recommend checking this out now! (since the site might go down at some point)

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The idea behind the show was as an open source style show. Where lots of people submit stuff. I do understand that people have life's and don't have the time to record and edit stuff, but if you people that are downloading the show want it to keep going, all you have to do is submit content and maybe if you have some free money, donate some to pay for the servers.

I would help out more but I work two jobs and also have personal projects and studies.

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