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  1. I must admit, even though I have seen the flick few times I have never noticed the sign -- ofc I knew it was there, but I still didn't spot it
  2. Only real difference is that you can't get original anymore... at least not from retailers. Also minor note the lite is littel smaller. Same Shit Differend Package
  3. Ingo

    Hacking WoW

    Then again even if it was an open network it's illigal for you to use it without permission. I know, I know thouse so called hackers who steal WoW accounts for profit (a.k.a. Chinese-farmers) don't really care for that. Anyhow you can get your account back no matter what because you can always provide original CD-keys, photo ID and in best cases you have authenticator and if some one just sells your gear and trades your gold away Blizz can restore that if you file a ticket with in a few weeks of the 'hack'.
  4. Atari 2600 NES SNES Nintendo 64 Sega Genesis + Sega CD PS 1 & 2 Xbox Xbox 360 Gameboy Color Nintendo DS PC 2,4Ghz Core2Duo, 4Gb DDR2, nVidia GeForce 8800 GTX I guess that's all... used to have access to Commodore 64 back in the day, but it's my brothers.
  5. 1. Modern Warfare 2 2. Left 4 Dead 2 3. Teamfortress 2 (hmm... I'm starting to see a parttern here...) 4. World of Warcraft 5. Starcraft (2 ;P)
  6. Ingo

    Call of Duty 7

    As people know there are currently two sepeare teams making Call of Duty games one series for WWII (World at War) and one series for modern/futuristic wars (Modern Warfare), next CoD comming out will be World at War 2, I highly doubt that they are going to make it any more confusing by naming it CoD 7, I mean Modern Warfare 2 ain't Call of Duty 6: The Modern Warfare 2. Also as speculated on CoD wiki and numerous CoD forums there will be new CoD out every year - because they have two teams working on the games so both have two years to work on their next game which is a good thing, also this way all players should be happy thouse who like older WWII action can play their game and thouse of us who like more modernish game play get to play our game. P.S. all of you who cry about MW2's "bad port" to PC, well it's PC gamings future too many pirate games theys days game developers are going to make games based on console controls and then just cheaply port the game to PC because there are so few people who actualy buy games any more. Sure, sure MW2 is steam game, but that doesn't mean it won't be pirated and played online.
  7. A lot of complaints about non sense. You can just modify FF the way you want it instead of crying over it and if Flash is so ass as you think go a head and do a better version or send feedback to Adobe/Mozzila, I very much doubt that any one from thouse companies visit theys forums in search of feedback. If you want stuff done right you have to do it yourself.
  8. Ingo

    New hacker

    There are a lot in the whole "hacking" scene, but if you want to get into hacking computers as in breaking into systems and finding how exploits etc work I suggest creating your own test environment, just grab an old PC you don't use anymore and instal VirtualBox/VMWare, make few servers with known flaws and try to get in - this is as educational as you can get, but again there is so much more than just trying to break into systems, I specialy like hardware hacking be it making just case mods for visual effect or more hardcore actually modifying how components work or making something completely new from (basicly) scratch. All I can say is that "hacking" is fun and creative, but you shouldn't pidgeon hole on one area.
  9. Ingo

    xbox live

    So basicly "cool hack" means "can run linux"? Well my old Xbox did have Linux installed and as you posted 360 can run Linux as well and there has been PS3 linux out just as long, still I see no reason for this. You don't really gain anything by installing linux on your console, sure if you don't have PC, but more than likely you have PC anyway so why bother? Anyway more I play on Xbox more I feel it's superior gaming platform compared to PC, only "good" thing about PC atm is the ease of playing pirated games... which will eventualy lead to PC gaming scenes destruction.
  10. Ingo

    xbox live

    Ermm... what? "cool hack" like what?
  11. Ingo

    xbox live

    I used to think this way too, "everything M$ must burn and die!" and generaly hated all consols because you couldn't play bootleg games as easy as with PC, but last christmas ('08) I bought my self xbox (basicly because Gears of War was such a awesome game and all my friends where playing it on Live and the sequal wasn't going to be released on PC anyways) from there on I have bought many games for the Xbox and I must admit it's pretty fun and addective I specialy like the achievement system in Live to compare my nerdiness to others. Of course you can always go with PS3 too, but at the time I bought my gaming system it was still way too expensive and doesn't really give you enough bang for your buck, sure you could watch BluRays and shit with it, but I'm not just that worried about it, my PC will have BluRay bay... eventualy when DVDs are obsolite. All in all consoles are gaming platforms of the future there just ain't any way around that the core reason for this is bootlegging of games, as you might have seen most of the PC games cost way less than Xbox/PS3 equals. Sure Xbox supports Micro$oft and you have to pay for use of Live, but it's really small amount if you really think about it - at least for me I used to play WoW, but with new games not having dedicated servers and what not it's awesome service (just try to play CoD: MW2 on PC and find a gaming lobby where there aren't any cheaters, God help me I couldn't) /wall-of-text
  12. I "bruteforced" it the first time around for the fun of it, then I did it with some guide thing wich actually was pretty neat (I have no idea about the name it came with the cube) now it just sits in my bookshelf
  13. Ingo

    Help with Ubuntu

    Couldn't you just get VLC player and be done with it? I mean is there any reason why you actually want the totem player?
  14. Building Windows Forms Applications with Wizards in Visual C++ Express (12 Minutes - 8.2 MB) This video will take you through the steps for creating a new Windows Form application using the wizards available in Visual C++ Express. The steps include naming the project, choosing the appropriate settings, adding controls, adding event handling code, and building and running the application that was created. After following these steps, you should have familiarity with how to add additional controls and event handling code to create a more robust Windows Form application. EDIT: sorry, I first linked wrong file ^^
  15. Well nothing wireless is secure
  16. Like... what?? You are going to buy some old song to christmas number 1 on some list? What's the point? What's the gain? I have seen better though out (for the lack of a better word) "raids" on 4chan. I mean just because some no body said something about some random band... meh, why am I even trying to understand this... go nuts, please break a leg.
  17. Installing a monitoring program on another person's computer without his/her permission is illegal.
  18. I have never actually used MySpace, but ain't that just like Facebook or whatever crappy free-website-maker where people try to expers their invidualism by showing stuff that other people have made? and yeah, support your artists if you really like a band go out and buy their album CDs ain't all that expensive and at least I take pride in my huge CD collection in my living room.
  19. Well, I have very limited experiences with IIS, did install it once for school project, but didn't really get into it all that much, but I respect your opinion withdraw my comment :)
  20. I must admit I hadn't even heard about the show before this thread, but after downloading randomly 5-6 episodes, I must say this show has... or rather had a lot of potential. I highly recommend checking this out now! (since the site might go down at some point)
  21. Ofc, disadvantage to Jasager is the fact that people need to connect to your router where Jasager connects via any network probe. Other than that should work just fine.
  22. But as you must be aware there are other operating systems than "*nix" based and even if MadHatter was going to use such my post should be pretty valid
  23. Written January 8, 1986.... I think I have heard from this before.... maybe just a déjà vu? Don't they like quote this in ''the Hackers" movie and stuff?
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