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Cheaper than go to assist?


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Hey Guys,

I am finding I have to support my remote family more so now than ever since their manufacturer warranties ran out... I looked at go to assist since they sponsor hak5 but it's a 60 dollar monthly fee or a 10 dollar daily/per use.. I have also looked at webex and thought about logmein but webex is just as expensive and logmein I think would be just a big a pain for their free service. Not to mention thier pay service "Log me In Rescue" is ridiculously overpriced... I don't need Free but I don't mind a fair price either. VNC is not currently an option because of the old firewall/router conundrum and trying to help not-so-savvy people open ports is like pulling teeth.

The other thing that I absolutely need is ability to help Mac users from my PC...

So all that being said anyone have any suggestions or ideas?


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CrossLoop looked pretty cool however it seems you sign up and get a random person's help and looks like it only works in windows.

Teamviewer looks like it might just be what I am looking for. I will post back once I know more.

Thanks to everyone that contributed! You Guys ROCK!

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I personally use UltraVNC SC (single click). It's in the addons section of their site. I'd post a linky, but I'm not sure how z Hak.5 team would feel about it. It's easy to build and use. Just slap it on your FTP site and send them the link. They click, click again. That is about it.

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Seconded (or thirded?) for logmein. While their free product skimps on features, I believe the security is the same as the pay version.

You don't need rescue, you just need to preload logmein onto their machines. One longer then usual phone call, then you can get in there much faster in the future :).

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