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macbook , vmware fusion bt3/4 alfa usb card , 18 dbi antenna from ebay :)

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So do you get a free usb adapter now?

I was actually genuinely wondering where people buy their kit. I was actually impressed with a couple of 9dbi dipoles bought from there for my alfas and will be buying more, great signal and build quality (compared to ebay junk).

I'd heard of http://www.data-alliance.net/ but living in the UK I'm not sure that it would be cost effective.

I only noticed that free adapter after posting here and going back and buying another antenna for a fon flashed with the jasager FW. Hey its worth a try, but genuinely wasn't the intention at all. :)

That 1W USB adapter has got me thinking about a 1W amp hooked up to the fon and a large omni.

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Haha so scary, so australian. For me PCI Adaptors, Antennas, and Routers all from MSY, or MSY price matched at other dealers.

I mostly buy from MSY. When my brother ordered his Dell, we just checked the box for a wireless card, and I got the router (Netgear WGR614v8) from JB Hi-Fi, because none of the ones that MSY had at the time had a website log - my parents want that so they can see what I'm up to. (Fortunately, I go on so many websites that it fills the router's RAM, and they only get the last half-hour or so.)

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