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  1. Hi , i was wondering what you guys use to test your work network for holes. We have a dmz at work and im using metasploit and nessus atm , is there any other program that i should use that tells me if programs /ports are out of date of insecure ? cheers
  2. unixpro

    WIFI Kit

    macbook , vmware fusion bt3/4 alfa usb card , 18 dbi antenna from ebay :)
  3. Found this while searching around thought you guys would like it , its a cp progress program http://www.ex-parrot.com/~chris/stuff/cwp.c.gz
  4. thread got hyjacked lol. Yeah im running outta room for my raid i want 8 drives all 1tb , running a linux raid. But i have 2 x 2 port sata raid cards.
  5. Hey guys im looking for a board 775 , with at least 6 sata onboard , does anyone know of or know were to get one cheers
  6. I did a how to on linux software raid , from a ubuntu server POV , if you wanna check it out @ http://thinkinmachine.com/Wiki its under the hardware and software raid tab :)
  7. sitting my lcpi 1& 2 soon :) remember every dam command is the hard part sheesh lol
  8. Im running 9.04 on my msi wind , with the 7200 battery and getting about 7 hrs per charge.
  9. Hey Darren , I heard you talking about doing HD for cheap , what actual gear do you use to produce the show , eg camera types and desktops for processing. Im guessing you use a mac , but im wondering what brand and model you HD cam is Cheers.
  10. bad blood gone :) , can you hook up a gps to the new dsi ?? imma google that , it would be mad.
  11. lol all i can say , as your pic stated digi ... you win lol. ps thanks for the people that put some input eg , show topics p.p.s , not dissing your wii modding snubs good work on the home brew p.p.ps darren , ive gotten dslinux running sweet maybe you should look @ that cause you got a ds :)
  12. lol, seen the flame wars vid .... , People cant have there own view ... lol @ ankle biting, because I said im over wii modding , your supposed to be 34.. grow up mate its a forum. if you dont agree with the post , dont go on and cry because someone doesn't have your same views .. lol @ digitip or is it digipms , dude relax
  13. i know how to do it , just as a example technolust :)
  14. Anyone else over , a month of wii moddin... , i really enjoy most of the topics , introducing vm to people that haven't heard of it and , old topics like the part series of tcp / wireshark thing but as of late aka 505 onwards its been like fast forward to darren's segment watch , then watch diggnation. im not trying to flame but hak5 should be about "technolust" not wii modding for a month lol. i would like to see some cisco router configs like ipsec , trunking etc actual technolust , Anyone .. Cheers
  15. no one has stated your question in a answer , search for poisen ivy rat its easy to do and if your the admin on the target machine you can cancel anti virus.
  16. ive got the msi wind with the 9cell battery ebay running 9.04 flawlessly and i get about 6-7 hours on a charge with video watching. The only thing ive still to get working under linux is the webcam
  17. unixpro

    Conficker C

    linux ftw .. windaz confarked lol
  18. lol pay 10 bucks to get a password stealer , from someone that used to code rats ....... failboat.
  19. need a hacker space in brizzy australia :)
  20. Yeah i tryed a python script , for dictionary attack to get usernames but i was un-successfull due to vrfy being disabled. i might try some other methods tonight i used this #!/usr/bin/python import socket import sys import fileinput if len(sys.argv) !=2: print "Usage: <inputfile>" sys.exit(0) s=socket.socket(socket.AF_INET,socket.SOCK_STREAM) connect=s.connect(('xx.xxx.xx.xxx',25)) banner=s.recv(1024) print banner for line in fileinput.input(): s.send('VRFY '+line) result=s.recv(1024) print result s.close() it worked but dam server had vrfy disabled , anyone know some other methods ? , otherwise ill try some brute force
  21. I was wondering if anyone has done , or knows were to point me in the right direction. My mate has setup a email server @ his house and wants me to test it eg metaspoilt so forth , but i have never done brute force email attacks. I guess you use a dictonary attack , but how do you get a list of email accounts on that server ? Cheers
  22. vmwareF ... bt3 .. ettercap .. BAM!
  23. Thanks man , imma try and sniff traffic from the wireless before i go and ninja it then she what the difference is.
  24. cheers mate , i bought the alfa 500mw card :)
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