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A Matt Clone doing a botnet video


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Was watching securitytube.net and found this video about creating botnets and all the goodies that go with it and it struck me that the presenter could easly be Matt's twin brother.


I think that Matt is an awesome presenter and this is not in any way a flame against him but a comparison about looks and hairstyles

The dubbing and video for this particular one SUCKS, and the animation is cheesy to say the least but informative just the same for those who have ever wondered about botnets

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HAHA, that's classic!

Thanks for the laugh dude, I can definitely see a resemblance.

He sucks at presenting way too much to be my twin, although he certainly gets paid more than I do lol


Ya the presentation did suck and the video was even worse but you have to admit that even down to your hairstyle the resemblance is uncanny :)

Glad that we have you instead of him

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Guest Langleyo

My God, this is uncanny....

In an alternative universe, this could be Matt. Someone opened up a rift in the Space-time continuum and let this Team America cast-member loose. If Matt and he were ever to meet, would they annhilate on contact? Kinda explains some of the wooden intro's to the Hak5 vids though heh heh...

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