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What happens when someones parents get tired of paying the WOW subscription


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For a second there, I thought he was going to come back up from the side of the bed as a werewolf or something XD

What the hell was with him trying to stick a remote up his ass?

That was priceless.

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He sounds like an angry and wouded orc. perhaps not playing WoW anymore is a good thing.

on the otherhand, its only $15/month. How could some loser not manage to come up with that on his own

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Looks a bit fake to me, but all the same still funny as hell... wtf is with the remote?

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hmmm... maybe it's cheaper than a date?... well.. will he ever get one now?

Totally fake, but still funny as hell too. It would be sooo funny if he accidentally grabed the steel toe'd shoe and knocked himself out.. hahaha.

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