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I was wodering, why dont the mods do a modcast? (pod-cast). they talk about theyre real life stuff, hak5 in general, and posts, like the "Why" post. Ive seen people do this on other forums, and its worked out pretty well. people send in questions and such, the big problem is distance, but this is usally over come with skype and audacity.

has this ever come up? I think id be a great idea. any body else?

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For some funny reason most of the forum mods are british so times aren't such a problem, do we have a hak5 broadcast capability anymore? Doing it live sounds like fun. Also, I've never done a podcast before so it will sound like arse to begin with.

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I think it would be quite interesting to listen to something along those lines, as long as its a cool subject (unlike some modcasts ive heard where they rant about the noobs they have banned).

P.S. VaKo, do you play on the TF2 Saigns servers, saw someone called VaKo last night,  didnt know if it was you :P

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lol, this would be an awesome thing to do. I could compile lists of questions, or topics for days.

I was supposed to do segments on a Video podcast one time. It was for Progbox http://progbox.co.uk but pete wanted EVERYTHING done in linux, and free.... Now mind you hells yah, I wouldnt mind some free publicity and all, but video editing in linux, for me is like hanging myself with a cat5 cable... I think I would rather the cable actually... Well there was that and the fact that in my house, all the walls are the crap faux wooden sheet walls as well, so I would have had to build a set to go along with it. But anyways I was going to do 10min. shots doing reviews on different linux distros. I had a scale to measure and everything, but oh well.. We can't all be internet celebs :P

Actually I do have a good idea. What are they using for the hakstalkers website? Couldnt we just use that?

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lmfao Love the title, it does have a nice ring to it.

If this goes ahead I will be tuning in.

(unlike some modcasts ive heard where they rant about the noobs they have banned).

Awww can we have a n00b of the month segment if someone stuffs up or makes a stupid post for the sake of comedy? Maybe moonlit can do this. XD Or better yet Moonlit can have a couple of minutes to cut loose on anything/everything and pay out on shit, moonlits rants ftw!

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