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Well i finally got myself a bike.

A 1998 Yamaha XVS 650 Dragstar (aka V Star in the US of A)

16000km's on the odo, immaculate for a bike 11 years old.

Photos here:

My Bike

My Bike2

If anyone else has a nice bike feel free to share it here.

I remember Darren had a bike in the first episode of Hak5, using it to test the ability to wardrive/ride at speed and how it affected your chances....

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only pic i got has my brother in the way. It's his bike but i ride it.

Yeah atm it's missing back brakepad(whoever put it on must have been shithouse) so only using front brake untill i can get around to putting a new one on the back.


1996 or something ZZR 250cc

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i currently have a ltd 250 but thats got carby issues so im going to sell that. I would love a zx6r so thats on my wish list when i get some cash. My old boy has a honda shadow 1995 1100 ace you would like mnemonic its mint aswell.

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It's a motorcycle. A bike is something one pedals.

...and where I come from we call them bikes, smart arse.


MBP, yeah shadows are sweet as...maybe one day i'll upgrade to something like that. :)

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1994 GSXR-1100w

1277 big bore kit, star racing ported head, custom cams, built trans, 42mm carbs, Hindle 4-2-1 exhaust, and a butltoad of other stuff done.

183hp at the wheel, no Nitrous. Was a fun winter project.


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She rips pretty good. I"m having some clutch issues now, but converting to the centrifugal clutching should take care of it.

Then she's getting sprayed down with Nitrous.

I do a lot of twisty road riding, but she'l be seeing the drag track regularly this year as well. Hoping for some high 8 second passes on the bottle. Not any bikes/riders can do that on a stock wheelbase machine.

I should probably add, my number one love aside from my family is motorcycles. I'm a junkie!!

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