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  1. Thanks Digininja :D I still cant get to your site it just keeps timing out, but it must be my internet connection so I'll try tomorrow at work. Once I get the info I give it a second try and let you all know how I get on.
  2. Just as a side note can I please confirm which port on the Fon+ I should plug into <_< as I have just been reading through this guide La Fonera Plus Software Flashing and it says:- Connect your PC and the LaFonera through a ethernet cable to the WAN port. So when you guys flashed your Fon+ (2201) did you plug into the WAN or the LAN port?
  3. Thanks Dignija I had spoted the IP but figured that is was something wrong I was doing :D I know you have a guide on your site for for building a serial cable but do you have a guide for flashing the fon via the cable? Also is your site up at the moment as I am getting a DNS error when I try to get to http://www.digininja.org/ :(
  4. Hello all, Well I was clearing out some space and found two Fon+ which is good :D but they are running the 3.0.2r1 :( Now I have been looking through the posting and searching the web and although I have found the how-to over at http://www.fonboard.nl/w/index.php/HowTo_F...plus_unlocking2 it just does not seem to work for me. When I try to run the 2201-unlocking I get the following error:- Telnet for RedBoot not enabled Then it drops back to the cmd line, anyone know whats wrong. Furthermore, has anyone got a guide to how they did it. Thanks in advanced.
  5. Hi guys, Did we get any update on this at all??? It all seems very odd and I don't believe the "computer systems are down" line at all
  6. Hello all, Just in case anyone was interested the BenchTec, extreme overclocking and cooling event at Scan was very Cool (pun intended :)) Not only did we get to see behind the scenes at Scan including where they build the 3XS systems, but also the where house (or at least more then you can normally see). The highlight was the 6.350Ghz on a L2N cooled Core 2 Duo, in fact they were only 50Hz away from matching the world record. They had a load of video cameras so I am sure that the BenchTec guys will be posting the videos soon
  7. Cool One small problem the Scan event is Bolton :D Anyway I will be there on Saturday (in a red animal testing top) so anyone who see's a guy in a red top with spec's please come over and say hi!! I hope to see some of you their!
  8. Hello all, Anyone going to the BenchTec, extreme overclocking and cooling event at Scan this Saturday? I don't work for either of them, but like many I am sure :) i have been a long standing customer of scans. Anyway BenchTec are going to demonstrate the basic overclocking with a hands on approach. And once the talk is over the fun begins showing you overclocking like you’re never seen it before – with LN2 (Liquid Nitrogen)! For all the details have a look at the Scan website or take a look at this from the Bench Tec guys site Oh and did I say they have free bees :D not too sure what they are going to be but still free is free! :) Anyway I will be going so if anyone wants to meet-up then let me know. Later's.
  9. Well let us know if they do set up one I would not mind a look see :D
  10. Best bet would be to place a support call with the POS vendor. Simply!
  11. Why not just undertake a security assessment/penetration test of the Hak5 systems, or a lab setup to show the steps involved. This could get round a large amount of the "educational" non-white hat problems, and if they undertook what is known as a "black box" assessment which assumes no prior knowledge of the infrastructure to be tested ;) Anyway, just my 2cents.
  12. I have a Q6600 G0 I don't think it is my CPU. The issue I have is heavy HDD activity, when I am burning CD/DVD's also when I am transferring files from one partition to another.
  13. :D lol :D I always knew the only good bunny, was one in a pie or a magazine ;)
  14. Well I may need to look at the WD Black then. I have been able to find them in the UK from Scan for £58.98 that's for the 640GB ones, see the link below. http://www.scan.co.uk/Products/640GB-Weste...-rpm-32MB-Cache Any other options or should I go for these?
  15. All very nice, But you are still missing 2 wheels, as far as I'm concerned :D
  16. Thanks for the info, I know all about the pain of striped Vs mirrored and if I had the money I would be going for RAID 1+0 :) but I am not sure I can convince the wife I need 4x HDD :D As for the WD velociraptors I may have to look at the cost of those bad boys :D
  17. Sounds good but everything I have found on SSD is still saying they are slower then HDD. Not too sure how this can be, but still I have never seen a review which has filled me with confidence :D And not to mention the cost :)
  18. helpme0k, I can feel your pain :( I have worked in a number of location all over the world and I know that different country's have very different views on what can and can not be viewed, big time in the middle east and even more so in the far east ;) From the sound of it you are in one of those locations, in which case from my experience you will not have much luck even if you can find the service you are after that work's :(. The reason I say this is for me even my SSL (443) was being broken and M-In-M proxy'ed. The way I got around it was to use sat links. I know this may not be feasible depending on the country/location but this would give you a dedicated link. Anyway hope this helps.
  19. Hello all, I am looking to get either 2x 500GB+ SATA2 HDD in RAID 0, or just one big 1TB drive. Now the question is which is better, this will be my gaming and general day to day rig so it will need to take that into account. I know that RAID 0 should provide me better performance, but I currently have 2 Western Digital Caviar Blue 640GB set-up in RAID 0 and although they work I do have some poor HDD performance. I see it big time when I am encoding moves for DVD, so this is why I am thinking should I just byte the bullet and get 1 big drive such as the Samsung SpinPoint F1 HD103UJ. Any help would be welcome.
  20. LOL I can not wait just 4 days till its back on the telly :D
  21. Also made up that F1 is back on the BBC. Just think no more ad brakes :D
  22. Opps I did forget that Google is always the answer :D Sorry
  23. Hello, I may be being thick but what was or is "Earth Hour"?
  24. WOW :o I take my hat off to you! You have actually built your own CPU! Major Props
  25. Hello all, Well I was wondering if anyone from the northwest (or anywhere else in the UK) area fancied meeting up before July for a few drink and a bit chin wag. If anyone is interested then let me know and we can sort it.
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