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MAYOR Problem [urgent]


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[i was noticing i had to wait for the CD-ROm to read the files cuz then it would stop and wouldnt do anything at all)

:cry: it appears my crappy laptop (ACER 3000 series) CD-ROM drive got fucked up for real... how can i install Ubuntu (latest) or WindowsXP on it thru LAN? or i should just take my Sansa(120m) USB MP3 player and make it bootable?

I really need a hand on this... allready re-downloaded re-checked MD5 checksums for the ubuntu install then tried a liveCD... its all good ... the problem appears to be the CD-ROM.

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Ever tried cleaning the CD-Rom drive's lens?

LOL I've used a vacuum cleaner before to do it (helps to clean dirt from under the lens too I think... dependent on the drive that is

Just a thought.

Otherwise I agree with Computer_Kid if your bios allows it boot from a USB device.

Hey wait does that iso have a boot disk image on it? you'd need something like isobuster (I think it was) to rip out those files.

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Yes, you can probably install Ubuntu across the network (hey, it works under Debian). The only problem is that the network installation program needs to be loaded first, and that comes from a CD.

So, get something else bootable with sufficient storage (not sure if you can just dunk an ISO on an MP3 player and have it be bootable, but worth a shot) and take it from there.


Clean the cdrom drive and try again.

Buy/steal a new cdrom drive.

Buy/steal/borrow an external (USB?) cdrom drive. Once the OS is on, who cares, right?

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well after some reasearch and some chaotic chats inside some servers i found out that google and hak5 forum are my best options... :wink:

I found out this link (https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Installation/WindowsServerNetboot) but... i think i need a floppy drive wich i dont :(

So im guessing ill have to fuck up my sansa USB mp3player and give it a shot (try booting up from it)... ill vacum clan the CDROM [its a laptop remember]... ill be doing some research on how to make a bootable USB out of my sansa mp3 player but if anyone can help me out asap you can do so via msn (temperseed@hot...) 8) I really appreciate all your help... and thx for submiting all those good ideas =)

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Nope. It's either in the BIOS or it isn't.

You can try to see if there's a new BIOS for your system available, but installing those typically requires a working system and/or a floppy drive to boot from.

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nope... i dont see that "USB legacy support" option anywhere on the bios... im gonna try (Winternals Admin Pack Pro 2006)

Administrator's Pak is a complete suite of powerful, versatile tools that allow you to repair unbootable or locked-out systems, restore lost data, remove malware from infected systems while the system is safely offline using your existing antivirus software, and diagnose system and network issues. Administrator's Pak includes ERD Commander 2005, Remote Recover, NTFSDOS Professional, Crash Analyzer Wizard, FileRestore, Filemon Enterprise Edition, Regmon Enterprise Edition, AD Explorer, Insight for Active Directory, and TCP Tools.

2. Remote Recover

To repair an unbootable system via the network, choose Remote Recover. Remote Recover lets you use your network to access the disk drives on a remote machine exactly as if they were installed on your own system. You can boot a damaged system via CD, diskette or PXE-downloaded image, then access its drives remotely from your host Windows 2000, XP, or Server 2003 system. Once the remote systems volumes have been mounted, you can perform any operations on them as if they were local, including safely removing viruses using the antivirus software on your host machine while the infected machine is offline. Remote Recover does not require that an operating system be installed on the client machine in order to operate, so it can be used for performing installations on new machines in addition to repairing or restoring dead systems.

voila !!! i think the CD-ROM drive should give me enought time to start a the PE and set up the network thingie... im downloading as we speak ^^

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Okay so some googleling... downlaoded ERD and now its asking for

SATARAIDSCSI Drivers... wich im guessing is the root of the problem on why i cant install windows XP... since its failing to load that... how can i figure out wich onetype i need?



:( this is crazy... it shouldnt be this hard to get the damn laptop back to life

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:? ummm... ill try ERD then install m15ide.exe...

right now i just finished burning (4x) a slipstreamed version of winXP with (DP_MassStorage_wnt5_x86-32_6031) wich is supposed to be a huge package with all (quote: "95% of all the drivers") for RAID, SCSI, SATA.... its given a phew erros so far ... but when i pressed F6 during install it showed an optional driver to install "something PC generic i486" i tried to do a search on that and found nothing...

So my final option is to HOPE this doesnt fail so miserably (PS: tryed to install 3 dif linux distros and they failed mounting the image) ...

Wish me luck... ill edit this post with a final "hurray" or "RIP" msg.

Allright... my laptop is dead. Tried it all (3days)... and the conclusion is CDROM is fucked up (from now and then it stops reading, im guessing is dirty or something but its not visible "maybe its inside"... The HD is fucked up for sure since i doubt the technicians on the comp store will be able to solve this problem (drivers) unless they crack it open and just replace my CDROMHD ... thx for all the help and interest.

OOOHH i swear if this laptop comes back to life im gonna mod it soo bad :twisted:

Conclusion DEAD laptop

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