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I got screwed!


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Sorry guys. Just a Hak5 noob here that needs to vent. My wife and I sell things on Amazon to supplement our income while she stays at home with the kids.

This asshole buys a Apple Time Capsule from us and he doesn't receive it for three weeks. Figuring it was lost, I gave the guy a refund (one of many mistakes). The very next day he receives it. Now he won't respond to any of my emails. The funny thing is, this guy has blogs that he uses to review products and businesses and rates them for service. What a joke. I've got no recourse here either. Simply screwed, out $250.

Thanks for the ear!

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Gee that's too bad.

How did you ship it to him....?.....normal mail or did you send it either via a courier or registered mail?

If you had done the latter you could have provided him with a tracking number or consignment note.

This would have allow both yourself OR the buyer to track where the package was and you might have avoided giving him a refund.

Sorry dude, but i've have been burned in exactly this way...i paid....the dick posted it via normal mail....and it was never seen again...what comeback did i have?....none....why...he had the receipt to say he'd posted it....but for me...it never did show up.

I'm afraid i don't empathize or sympathize with your position.

My advice?....chalk it up to experience and in future offer insurance and a more secure method of shipping to protect yourself and your buyer.


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In the UK (after consulting a legal student friend :lol: ) the Seller is responsible for ALL postage, and if they decided not to insure the item then it is their fault, not the buyer (even though you have the option to insure it)

I'm sorry ;) I'm a douche, this has happened to me before (I paid for something, took ages to come, had a refund) though the item was extremly cheap ($30) I never contacted the seller to say I had it. :(

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If you were a malicious person you could file paperwork declaring him dead, his credit cards and bank accounts will get locked and it will cost him thousands to fix it, oh and lifelock wont protect against a death notice.

Well crap. When I am trying to laugh quietly, sometimes I snort, and I also have a nosebleed now. :angry:

As for mail, I'd do ups or something with tracking.

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There isn't any sort of seller protection available?

Same thing happened to me and PayPal gave me my money back after I filed a claim.

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This does not help in this case, but you should always use some type of repayment system that you can put a stop payment on. Mailing them a check is very handy, it gives you a few extra days while it is in the mail plus a day or two for the clearing.

But I agree with Eviltechie, never send anything without tracking information, not even the refund check.

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