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Windows Vista Beta 2 is finally out!


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I'm looking forward to my copy to test, if its better than XP then I can't see mainstream desktop linux in the next 5 years, if it isn't then i think people will look to linux for more. Some of the help functions look pretty cool.

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i got x86 beta 2 yesterday

and 2 legal keys, good for 10 computers each and for a year each :D

lol, windows vista on your computer for the next 10 years. :)

first off it would be 20 years :P 2 keys for 20 computers 1 year each :P

so its 20years for my pc

but it will expire probs

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I've got the x86 version running, feels...sluggish. I didn't think about trying out the x64 version, but I don't see a reason why not. TBH I have never run an x64 OS...despite having a 64-bit processor.

Weird...I know...Should be fun.

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Any chance of some specs for the comments? I know vista isn't really intended to be an upgrade OS, but it would be interesting to see how it fairs on older kit.

15gb disk space and 516mb RAM min.

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alot of shit that you dont need, all i know is i wont be upgrading to vista any time soon. The min spec get even higher for the "professional" and higher versions of vista (40gb a gig of ram and 256mb graphics card)

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