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I can't stick with the same OS for too long


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It's the strangest thing.

I've been using computers seriously for about 4 years now, for the first 3 years I stuck to XP pretty much by the by. I didn't change and didn't want to change OS'es. I used the same computer for about 1.5 years at a time and was very happy with this.

However it seems in the last 6-12 months I really can't get happy with an OS. I keep having to change the OS i'm running on my laptop and destop. Right now I have Win XP on my desktop and OS X on my laptop however I have the ultra-urge to swap my laptop to a Linux-based OS.

I know that i'll shortly get annoyed with the Linux-based OS and want to change to Windows for programming in VB .net, maybe back to OS X and maybe around to Vista.

Does anyone else have this problem? I can't seem to keep happy with one OS for more than a week or so at most!

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Multiple partitions on machines is the answer.


Gaming rig: Vista x64, Backtrack 3 (looking forward to CUDA support in Aircrack-NG ;) )

Primary laptop: Vista, XP, Backtrack 3

Old laptop: Ubuntu, XP

Eee PC: XP (HD), Backtrack 3 (SD)

Server 1: Ubuntu, FreeBSD

Server 2: Win 2003, Win 2008, Win2k

Only machine I run one on is my main workstation I use for work which is XP.

Acronis Disk Director is great for resizing/creating partitions without losing data if you already have a windows installed on a machine.

You could also try out OS's with live cds and usb drives before commiting.

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i recently switched from xp to vista when i got a new laptop. then from vista to ubuntu studio. after using it for a bit i dont see myself changing or a while. i might experiment with different linux distros next time i get a new laptop but i really dont see myself changing from this os since its got a good look and its built for my hobbies.

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Yes, set up a multi boot OS system, say to boot windows or ubuntu from a grub menu. First install then ubuntu is the easiest.

Also if you want to experiment with OS's to find which one is for you, i would say Live CD's are the way to go, most linux OS offer a live cd which no install is required , it loads to your ram and runs completely off of ram

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This has slowly became the *nix forum.

What do you expect? Running linux has replaced Caps Lock as cruise control for cool. It's because most people's expirence with Windows seems to be Vista or XP home, and they don't know what they are doing so it fucks up and the blame teh micro$haft. After awhile you get over it and realize that an OS is just an OS, different ones have different strengths and windows is quite good.

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