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My new phone?


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Hey guys... So I got some extra money (about $200) so I decided I want to buy a new phone!

So I've been looking around for what I want to get, and then i thought "Hey! might as well get a "smartphone" that supports/can support linux!!" :D

But I'm having some trouble finding/deciding on a good one <_<

Any ideas? I'd prefer one that has (linux supported) wifi and bluetooth (and remember... I'm on a budget lol)

--Thanks in advance!

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not too good with cellphones (mainly a pocket pc person )

but just make sure you stay away from anything that has the word sidekick or looks like this


there cheaply made (the plastic is thin and flexible while the screen is not so many people wind up with a cracked screen when in their pocket.

on some of the models, the keypads are just a sticker with contact pads under it so they eventually come off

and there one of the most stolen cellphones on the market

i saw this happen at least 6 times this year in NY on the way to and from school

someone will be on the bus with their sidekick, chatting with someone

then some random person will walk pass, grab the sidekick then run off the bus

when I was in highschool, some students will get beat up in the bathroom for their sidekick

if you like safety, stick with the free cellphone that comes with the service, then use the $200 to buy upgrades for your PC

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Don't tell anyone keep this between you and me,

But It can phone people...

yea I know this is going to change the way we live..

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What special stuff can you do with that Nokia phone haha?

I've had many phones, the the notable ones being the Nokia 7110, the Treo 650 and the Nokia E71. The 2 Windows Mobile phones I had, the HTC S710 and the Samsung i600 have been problomatic at best, slow and unusable at worst. In all that time I've found that 90% of the software you get for phones is crap, things like bible viewers or real estate planning tools. The stuff that is useful is hard to find. So, when I look for a phone I go for something that is going to be reliable and easy to use. Having a QWERTY keypad is by far the most useful feature, followed by a decent browser and email support done like text messages. This phone is also constructed out of a strange material called "Me-tal", which is far more resiliant than the plastic crap which dominates the world today. It also has AGPS and a battery which just keeps going (unlike the windows mobile devices which go through a full charge in less than a day). You can do ssh on it also. When it comes to anything more, I have a N810 which can run way more software than a phone and uses linux so you can do cool stuff with it if you must. This is just a very good smartphone thats reliable, hardy, runs a few nice utilities and does all the core stuff you expect from a smart phone with ease. If you want a hacker toy, look elsewhere, but if you want a phone for adults then buy it. Now.

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