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  1. Yeah! I had those several times. No wonder when so many people visit the site. However, right now I'm uploading my first movie and so far everything's working all right.
  2. Hey Guys, Today the stage6-clone vreel.net has opened it's public beta phase. I'm really exited about this as I'm a video content creator myself and miss stage6 a lot cuz it was the only site that really had no limit to filesize, length or resolution of your videos and was one of the best when it came to variety. Vreel.net promises to be just like stage6 and I really hope they can keep their word. Right now the site's really slow as it's getting hammered by millions of users trying to upload their videos (little bit like the download day at firefox yesterday^^). Many closed beta testers have given the website quite good reviews and I hope I'll be finally able to log into my acc I greated just 10 minutes ago. I'm curious to see how good VReel really is and hoe it can stand out against it's competitors
  3. Hi Sparda, I already know which drive windows is booting from: The big one, the one with 200GB. In the BIOS I have set this drive as the first boot device. After that come my DVD drive and then Floppy. The other harddrive, the one with 40GB, isn't listed in the boot device configuration, but I can choose it manually by pressing F8 and selecting the drive to boot from. In the BIOS I have to specify 3 boot devices and the oder in which to try booting from them. However, as I said, it also doesn't work when I install Ubuntu along with Windows on the same drive (the big one with 200GB) in a second partition. Any other suggestions? Edit: Well, I just tried it again, but still the system keeps booting into windows after installing it on the same drive in a separate partition. See this pictures to see what I did: Edit2: Well, I finally got it working using the Ubuntu Alternate Installer CD.
  4. Hi Guys, Yesterday I reinstalled Windows after it had gotten a little slow over the past few days. Installation went all right and a few minutes later I had the drivers and everything back up and running. Then I wanted to try Ubuntu as I wanted to use it as my primary os and Windows only for video editing and gaming. The install on my second drive (40GB, jumpered as slave; windows is on the master, 200GB) went without any error or problems. I followed an article I had found online and expected Grub to overwrite the MBR, eat the windows bootloader and in the end give me a list with Ubuntu or Windows to choose at boot. However this did not happen. When I restarted the machine, it automatically logged into windows. In the Bios, I had the 200GB drive on which I installed windows as the primary boot device. When I press F8 I can choose the boot device manually. When I did that and choose the drive Ubuntu was installed on, I get a quick black screen and then windows boots. So I deleted the partition of the 40GB drive and reinstalled Ubuntu. This time by shrinking the 200GB and taking some space for Ubuntu to sit on. Again, the install went ok, but when I started there was no Grub screen. Windows still booted like nothing had happened. Then I went online and searched for some help. I found a few sites that explained how to manually set up Grub (you have to do that when you install linux first and then windows). I tried some stuff, but I'm not really experienced. However, after some work in the console, I ended up getting a Grub screen at boot. But I couldn't get any of the entries to work. I kept getting Error 17, I think, which that that the partition could not be mounted. I think I may have gotten something wrong with the commands... So finally I deleted the Ubuntu Partition and recreated the MBR using the Windows recovery console and fixmbr. Now the windows system works perfectly again, but I still want to try Ubuntu! Can anyone tell me what I did wrong? All over the web people say its just "pop in cd and press install, super easy". Why doesn't this work for me? It's not that I don't know anything about computers, I've been sitting in front of one since I was 4 and can't believe that I can't get this thing to work! Does it have something to do with the boot device priority?
  5. Well, I recently discovered Azureus and Vuze, a video streaming network with lots of HD-Material which uses P2P, so you can virtually upload any filesize, bitrate, resolution and length. I remeber that some people here wanted to start a network with all the IPTV-Hacking-Computer-Stuff shows on it. I think it all started with stage6, but then it went down and the project somehow stopped. However, such a web-TV as you suggested it wouldn't be bad either. On revision3.com they have a live-stream that streams all their shows. I don't know what kind of setup they use to do this, but maybe Hak5 could build something similar.
  6. Hi guys. I recently crashed my windows partition because I was trying some stuff with linux and dualboot and eventually I had to reinstall windows. However, this was not all that bad as I had made a backup-copy of my C-drive with the built in backup-utility of windows XP. So after a fresh install of windows XP, I started the guide for importing the data of the bkf-file windows had created. I had saved the complete C-drive and also checked the the "System State"-option. However, after importing it all, I ended up with a bluescreen after a reboot. So I tried it again, reinstalled windows, but this time only recovered the C-drive without the System state - same problem. On the thrird try I only recovered the C-drive without the System state and without the windows-folder. This worked and now everything works fine again. However, I had to manually reinstall my display driver, my sounddriver and some other programs that stored their data in the registry (for example PS which told me no licence key could be found). After 3 days of install-format-reinstall I finally had my system back up and running. Now I'd like to know if there's a way to completely backup my C-drive and easily recover it with all the drivers, settings, licencekeys ect. Do you know any programm that let's me do this while running windows? Or do I have to boot into a liveCD to access all the windows-files the system is using all the time? Are there any free programms out there or do I have to pay a few $ for a good programm? I'm willing to pay say around 30$ or so if it's a programm that's really worth it. I've been looking online and I also found some drive-image programms, but I don't know how good they actually work and I wanted to know if there's anyone here who can recommend anything! Thx for your help, Blue Dragon By the way: Great new forum. I like the new look and also the new features! Great work.
  7. Great new Design, however images embeded using the old code don't seem to work any more. See for example the Mindfuck Thread.
  8. Great article! I really like it. But how the hell do I send a text message from my phone to an emailadress? I only have an old siemens A60 wich does little more then sending text messages (SMS) and phoning some friends. When I send an SMS I can only put in the phone numer of someone as far as I know. How can I put in a gmail-adress? Do I need something like the iPhone to do this? Sry for my stupidity, just hope someone can help me! Edit: Well, after some googling I found out that there are different websites that offer a phone number you can send a message to. In this message you have to first type the emailadress and then the text you want to be sent.
  9. A VPN is what you are looking for. I think the guys covered it in one of their episode. You can set up your Windows XP Box at home as a VPN Server and connect to it from your work computer. It's really simple. For other OSs theres OpenVPN and other apps. You could maybe also use an SSH-tunnel, but I don't really know how to set it up so that only the IM traffic gets send through it. The guys showed how to use SSH to secure VNC in one episode. Maybe the same method could be used for IM.
  10. Didn't the guys from Hak5 once install Win95 on the psp? If that's possible, maybe there's someone out there who has modified the "OS" that comes on the psp... Just a quick thought...
  11. I think the files for example of youtube aren't just flv-files on a simple http-server, but on something like the Adobe Flash Media Server: http://www.adobe.com/products/flashmediaserver/fvss/ wich costs a furtune! But I also think there are scripts out there that let you stream videos on your website with flash. I don't have a PSP, but if there's a web browser wich allows you to surf the web via WLAN, then this should be possible.
  12. Well, but it's great if you are at school or sth. We only have old win 2000 there, but this looks much better and you can have all the apps you need running there. Edit: After playing with it a little bit, I must say that it's not as cool as I exspected it. It sounds somehow cool, but for example it gave me an error when I tried to upload a 20MB video file...
  13. I always wanted to switch to Linux (especially scine Ubuntu 8.04 came out, looks sweeeet^^), but as I do a lot of video editing and recently bought the Adobe production bundle, I can't live without those apps and they don't normaly run on Linux. However, I've heard of an app called Wine that lets you run windows programs under linux. Now, programs like the ones of adobe surely have some kind of protection in them, but with thinstall, is to create a single .exe that can be run from everywhere. Do you think it would run well under wine? Wine, as far as I know, doesn't virtualize or emulate the app like VMWare does, so theres almost no difference in speed compared to a windows box. Am I right here?
  14. Wow. This really looks amazing. But it isn't working correctly. I have a german system here and have changed all the "Documents and Settings"-Stuff I could find in the .bat files to the german "Dokumente und Einstellungen". However, when I run the script, I get duzends of errors saying "The file could not be found" or rather "Das system konnte die angegebene Datei nicht finden". I recently tried another Switchblade and reported the same problems. As far as I understand those packages contain .exe files that are run by a .bat and collect all the data. The .bat-files usualy contain something like %systemroot" or other variables so they work on every system no matter what language. But the .exes seem to use fixed paths, so they don't work when those paths are called differently, right? How can I change this? I don't know much about coding, but I don't think it's that hard to change the paths. Maybe a little bit of work, but not really hard to do, right? I'd really appreciate it if someone could help me! Well, I haven't yet tried it under real conditions, meaning that I started the go.bat inside of VMWare where the dump-folder was placed on the desktop of the virtual machine. However, installing the keylogger worked just fine!
  15. I just found another program or rather a vb-script that converts text to image: http://www.catenary.com/howto/text2img.html#VB However, you won't have a very pretty desktop but more like white with black text on it.
  16. Well, interesting idea! RSS feeds normaly come as .xlm, right? There are programs that can filter out all the <tag>-stuff so that you are left with only the actual text. Now you only need a program that somehow turns this text into an image. I think I remeber that the Hak5-Crew built this wake-up-and-read-rss-thing also with their printer. You know, the news would come out of your printer every morning. Now wouldn't it be possible to instead of printing it, saving it as a pdf and then converting this to a normal jpg and then put this into your desktop-folder! I don't know much about coding, but I think this could be done with a little bit of work (maybe also a lot of work^^)! I'd like to hear what others have to say about this!
  17. Well, that other people were able to watch the video doesn't mean it's still on youtube, does it? Have you tried watching the videos from another computer, maybe at a friends house? Or just post some of the ones that are not working here so we can try them! You said that you can watch new one, but not old one. Well, I guess they are just no longer on the server or sth. As I said, post some links and we can try it.
  18. Well, I got this, this, this, this, this and this. But I can't figgure out those two: 1 and 2. I have almost the same pictures in my bioligy-book at school and have spend several lessons trying to find out whats actually wrong and how this can work, but I just couldn't figgure it out :-P It just seems impossible. I'd also like to know what's up with this one: http://fotoficial.com/images.php/i19_mindfuc1k.jpg[/img] I think that there's something reflecting in the window in between the umbrella and that vase...but I don't know what it is and if it's even the thing your supposed to search for...But is sais again in the image that you'll get no sleep, so maybe it's just another image with nothing special to it. However, those things are really interessting and a lot of fun. Thx for posting them!
  19. Some of the pictures you can see on k1u's links are pretty cool, but most of seem to me just like normal pictures... Well, maybe I'll have to look at them some more :-?
  20. Well, actually I was planing to buy one of these cool asus eee pcs and run Xubuntu on it. Do you (or any1 else) know if xubuntu supports setting this connection stuff independantly? If not, well then I might just go without the encryption and change my password regually and hope noone is sniffing :-? :-)
  21. Ok. Thx so far for your answers. Would it be somehow possible that I send all my upstream-data (like passwords I transmit to a server) to my VPN but get all the downstream directly through my regular connection? Sounds kinda wierd, but maybe this would be possible somehow. And why are so few sites using https? As far as I understand it, when you for example run a forum and let users log in over https, the passwords can't be sniffed like they normaly can using a man in the middle attack. I think you need to get a http certificate or sth. like that. But this isn't all that expensive, is it? Greetings from germany and thx for the help!
  22. Hi, I want to buy a laptop soon and I'd like to surf when I'm not at home. Now I already have a server here running 24/7 that I'd like to setup for a VPN. Setting up this isn't really a problem... I was just wondering how this would slow down my connection speed when I surf with my laptop for example in schhol or sth. As far as I understand VPNs, the data is first send to my home computer and then to the net. (1) So when I only have an upload of 50 kb/s at home, that's as fast as I get when surfing with my laptop, right? I'd really like to use encryption with a VPN because I wouldn't like my passwords and other sensitive data flying around unprotected. (2) Are there any other way I can encrypt my http-traffic before sending it when I'm on a public network? (3) Maybe tunneling through ssh? (4) I've heard that there are sites that offer VPN-services. Are they any good and how fast are they? Hope you can help me! Thx.
  23. Sry for digging up that old thread again, but I ran into some problems when I just tried it myself. I got the Yod'm 3D thing wokring all right, but everytime I want to flip by pressing crtl and shift, the fullscreen goes back to normal window. I'm using VMWare Server and not the full VMWare, so that might be what's causing it. Anyone tried it with VMWare Server? Also, Moonlit, you still haven't told us how you got OSX10 wokring on there. As I said a few posts above, I thought you needed to buy a Mac in order to be able to install OSX...?
  24. I have two 17" screens running at 1280x1024. I do a lot of video editing and I've been using a 2-monitor-setup for over two years now and just can't belive I could ever work with only one!
  25. Yes, I have Firefox installed. Haven't looked at the Code yet either, but it's propaly what you said: fixed paths.
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