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  1. Hey. I just tried it and it's quite good. The AV didn't detect anything. But I have a problem. In the html page I get an error for the Moz Password: I'm using a german system. It says something about the profile directory is not specified. Could it be that the german paths to that directory are different to the english one?
  2. Hey, I'm quite new to this community and these forums, but I really like it so far! It's a great community and there are a lot of people that help you with your problems. I'm really interessted in Hak5, Hacking and TechTV in general and altough I'm quite new to the whole thing I've leaned so much by watching Hak5 and reading on the forums. I don't know if you only mean the online community or also the "offline"-community. I mean, there have been a few Hak5-mettings if I remember correctly. I think that's great although I've never been to one because they were all too far away. If a show like Hak5 can help people to connect to each other and to meet new interessting people, that's great! The crew/cast is quite good involved as it is I think. They come here quite often to post stuff and to talk to people. That's awesome. They really care about their "fans" and the whole community around Hak5.
  3. Well, thx so far for the comments. They have been really helpfull, I really like 66stage! But the problem with hulu.com is still there. Any of you have another idea than using a proxy which doen't seem to work. At least not with the one I tried. But well, I have found Mythbusters on veoh and some other Stuff I've been loning for. Thx. Now that I finally have a Media Center PC hooked up to my TV, those sites may become even more handy.
  4. Hi there, I watch a lot of american Podcasts/Vidcasts like Hak5, for example Tekzilla, dltv, ect. and on one of there shows they mentioned a cool website called hulu.com where you could watch Full Movies and TV Shows for free. Well, I live in Europe and if I want to watch a video on their site, I get the message "Unfortunately this video is not currently available in your country or region. We apoligize for the inconvenience." So I tried using a proxy I found with google: Now when I go to hulu to watch a movie I only get "Sorry this video is currently unavailable". I get this message with every movie (tried about 10) so I don't think it's some kind of temporarily server error. Also there is one of my favourite shows, Mythbusters, wich you can watch online when you live in the USA. When I go to http://video.discovery.com/ (coming from here and clicking on "watch full episodes") without the proxy I get the message "Sorry, this is currently not available if your region". But when I go there with the proxy posted above, I get a Button saying "Download the MoviePlayer", but when I click on it, it leads me here. Do you have any other suggetions how I can use these sites? I've tried some other proxy-servers, but it's kind of hard to find good ones. After all, I'd like to wath High-Quality movies so I need quite a lot of bandwith, so not every proxy is good enough. Are there any other alternatives how I can make them think I live in the US? I don't think there are any sites like this over here. We do have Video on Demand, but nothing free like hulu. Hope you can help me. This is a great forum and I'm sure there are some who might know how to do it.
  5. Am I missing somethng? Did I get something wrong? He said he used Vista as the host OS, right?
  6. Wow, this looks really awesome. I'd like to know how you got OSX working on there! I thought you can only buy the OS when you buy a new Mac and it can only be installed on a Mac and not a PC (a least not legally, I think there even was a Hak5 Episode on installing MacOS10 on a PC a while ago).
  7. Try Vimeo. It's a really good site and offers high quality. Take a look on some HD-Videos here
  8. Wow, what a shock! I can kind of understand their point of it being to expensive, but isn't DivX a really big company? I mean, they should have a few dollars left to put into this great service... I never really liked youtube, google video or any other low-quality flash-videosharing-site, but stage6 took it to the new level. Being a filmmaker myself I often used their service to upload my videos in high quality rather than uploading them to youtube where the pixels would be big enough to play chess on them! Does anyone of you guys know of any other Videosharing site that lets me upload Video in good (HD) quality and is as easy to use as stage6 is/was? In their post on the frontpage of stage6 theay said: So what are those other sites delivering high quality video?
  9. Well, maybe. But it wouldn't help to solve the problem with myspace and sites like that. You would have to ban those in your router/filteringsystem as well, although they are actually nothing really bad. But I think it would help to keep young kids off from any adult websites or websites with illegal content. The biggest problem is still that a lot of parents barely know how to turn on their computer (if they even have one). Setting up a filtering system is a bit more complicated I think. Anyway. It's a good discussion so far and I'm curious about other oppinions on this topic.
  10. I just heard about this on commandn: There is a great documentary about teenagers growing up online and what problems this can cause. It's really good and shows what can happen if you get addicted to the internet and can't distinguish between reality and online-world. Watch the full program here What do you think about the documentary?
  11. Well, it still doesn't work. I redownloaded the .zip from the link you posted in your first post here (this one). Still when I klick run.bat it dows something and in the end shows C:, but there are no files in $backup. I tried it with the batch-file to make the folder visible and yeah, it got visible, but still there were no files in it.
  12. I have a problem: When I run "run.bat" it does everything it's supossed to do and in the end pops up C: just like you said. I can see the $backup folder, but there are no files in it and it's 0 bytes big. I'm sure I can see hidden folders and files (otherwise I wouldn't be able to see $backup and run.bat).
  13. Blue Dragon


    Windows XP has a fuction integrated to save all the data on a drive to an image (.bkf). I'm here in Germany and here this thing is called "Daten sichern" wich means sth. like "save data" and can be found under the control Panel in "Leistung und Wartung" wich might be sth. like "activity and maintenance". Not sure if these things are called the same in the englisch version. Does any one of you know if that tool is any good? I also have a little tool on my USB-Thumbdrive called Dive Snapshot wich can create or restore images of complete hdds.
  14. I'm also for stage6. It has the best quality of all the free video-hosting-services that I know of and for Windows users the web player is easy to install. And like others here said, there are a lot of other ways to watch Hak5. That's what I love about this show. You guys have divX, Xvid, mp4, flash and what not. So I think Linux, Mac and BSD Users should be able to find a way to be able to download the files and watch them on their system.
  15. I'd say it's always cleaner to create a new partition. That way the two OSs don't mess up with each other. A lot of Linux OS creat new partitions for you on install by using some of the space that's left on the drive to create a new partition. It's really simple.
  16. Thanks a lot, digip! This script works perfect with my testsever and I'll try it with a "real" server soon. It's great that it uses something like a Dictionary-attack. This way I can save process-power by using a wordlist-file. Thx again for your help!
  17. Hey digip. Thx for your answer. I tried using wget, but afaik it only follows links on a website and downloads everything it finds on its way. But the problem is: The Server I'm trying to find the strukture of doesn't link to some of the folders I'd like to find. Also, wget downloads all the content, but I only want to know the urls and the folders that are on the server. Where can I get a "googlebot or msnbot user agent" and what exactly does it do?
  18. Hi. I was searching for a tool to find out the folder-strukture of a webserver. For example if a have the server www.server.com I'd like to find all the folders that are on there, like www.server.com/data , www.server.com/pictures , www.server.com/videos/action and so on. I tried it with google by using site:www.server.com, but it showed only some of the folders and subdomains. Then I tried Maltego but still only got some subdomains and a few folders. So i decided to try to write a little brute force script in php because thats the only language I'm a little used to. Here is my script: <?php $from = "aaa"; $to = "zzz"; for($i=$from; $i<=$to; $i++) { $url = "http://localhost/testcheck/$i"; $test = @fopen($url,"r"); if($test) { echo $url." is reachable "; } } ?> It's very simple and just tries all the possible combinations from aaa to zzz and then tries to connect to http://localhost/testcheck/$i and if this is succesful, it tells me what urls are reachable. The folder testcheck contains the files abg and hkg wich are found in a couple of secounds - it works! The problem is, that it's really slow and it takes a long time to try all the possible combinations. In my Tests I only used aaa to zzz, but when I tried on a real server with aaaaa to zzzzz it took very long. And there was another problem: I think my IP-Adressed got banned after a few attemts. I looked at my connection with wireshark and a some time (I think is was a aaaazgh or sth) the connection stopped. Well, now a have a lot of questions and I hope you guys can help me with some of them. This is a great forum and I really like Hak5! 1) Are there other Programs out there that let me find out the folder-strukture of a webserver? Either by Bruteforcing or by any other method? 2) How can I speed up my php script to try more than one possible combination each 1 or 2 secs? 3) How can I solve the problem of getting blocked after a few attemts of connecting to the server? Is there some program that jumps from proxy to proxy to change my IP? 4) With my current script I can only test one folder-layer. How can I find stuff like www.server.com/data/pictures or www.server.com/data/10-home (numbers in the url)? 5) I've heard of programs called "webcrawler" wich are often used by searchengines like google. Can I use those to find the folder-stukture of a webserver? If yes, do you have any suggestions on what programs are good? Are there any good ones for free out there? 6) Do you have any other tips for me? Hope my english isn't that bad :-) Greetings form germany!
  19. Hey, first Post! :-P I got some really funny jokes 4 you: Some funny Unix Commands: There is tons of more Stuff out there, but I hope you have fun with theres. I hope we'll have a few other jokes here soon.
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