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  1. What IP address do you guys get when you ping rtt.hak5.org. I seem to be getting Anyone know why?
  2. I think it may just be the traffic on youtube becasue i can watch the video perfectly now. Thanks for the help
  3. It may be the high connection to youtube, because i couldn't watch one video this morning but now i can. One of the videos i can't watch atm is: http://youtube.com/watch?v=a0GtUnn2EMM
  4. I am been having some trouble with youtube for the last few weeks. I know quite a lot about computers but can not figure this out. When i try and watch a youtube video it either works or just stays on the loading screen. If i try and watch one of those videos that are not working though another website (embedded) it says that the video is no longer available (but it is as other people watched it and commented on it). In the bottom left of my screen it says (well on this occasion): Waiting for dal-v94.dal.youtube.com... I am using the latest firefox so that is not the problem. I have also
  5. I was wondering why it dosn't work. Is it because acid2 and acid3 test different aspects of the browser or something?
  6. Hi i just found out a few days ago that the acid3 test has gotton 100/100, with the Opera browser: http://labs.opera.com/news/2008/03/28/ Downloaded it and it worked fine, i then tried the acid2 test just for fun, but didn't get what i expected. IT FAILED THE ACID2 TEST! Why can this browser do the acid3 test fine but not the acid2 test?
  7. That's such a noobie thing to say. Almost every OS problem regardless of platform can be fixed without a reinstall. Talk about using a sledge hammer when a screwdriver will do. Its not n00bish. I know I can repair windows with enough tinkering. However, I work in IT, and i've come to realize that getting something working again in the quickest way possible is usually more efficient and more productive. I've also used my entire life's quota of pissing about with broken Windows installs sometime back in the 90's. The only thing thats important about your PC is the data contained on it.
  8. no that was my fault, i let it update everyday but i didn't casue i couldn't be bothered just clicked cancel Ok id do that but its working for now :S. Really weird, if it keeps stuffing up again i will reinstall windows.
  9. Ok i have uploaded a screenshot to photobucket (desktop is bloody mess, so don't have a heart attack when you click on it lol) http://i56.photobucket.com/albums/g173/sim...les/desktop.jpg I am also going to list all of the things that are starting on startup as im pretty sure its one of them. I tried to shutdown and it didn't (nvm about that) and i went into task manager started ending tasks for fun (don't ask lol), logged off without shutting down then logged back in and no errors until i actually had to restart. The things starting on startup are: IMJMIG TINTSETP TINTSEPT RTHCP
  10. Ok, my problem is whenever i start up i get onto the desktop and it pops up: "Windows Explorer has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvienience" I have tried clicking all the options, Explorer ends all iconds dissapear, it starts up again and the error pops up again. A short time after that error pops up if i don't do anything and just drag it away, another error pops up: Explorer. EXE - Application Errer The instruction at "0x7e422cc5" referenced memory at "0x0350d400". The memory could not be "read" the numbers that are there change everytime (im
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