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  1. Chyler Leigh, self made. Wallpaper here if anyone wants a copy.
  2. Looking foward to it, and cheers for getting it done on time. I'm in about the same boat as i've got 2 major projects and exams in the next 24 hours that I haven't even started :?
  3. Good luck with that one, I think i'll stick to achievable goals ;)
  4. Another classic geek based Weird Al video...
  5. Perhaps you heard that they were opening it up to everyone, but misunderstood the methodolgy which they are going to follow. They are opening it up to pretty much everybody, but people will still be sperated into networks. For example, if you join Facebook for the New York area, you will see people in that area and that area only, unless the other person approves a friend request. If you join with a company like CDW you'll be able to see other CDW employees, but not people from Southern Illinois University or St. Louis networks.
  6. The sad state of the world is that if consumers don't take a stand and refuse to buy this crippled technology, big business will continute to flock to it. I, for one, will not be spending my hard earned cash on a drive that is disfunctional. It's getting to the point where you'll need to put a modchip in your PC in order to do things that should be totally legal under even the US's shitty copyright law.
  7. I think that's about to change... Why do you say that? The owners of Facebook have made it very clear in that last few weeks that the networks will be the same as networks for different schools. I think it would be suicide for them to change that considering it's their one differentiating factor which separates from other cesspools like MySpace.
  8. Yeah, i'm a huge Stargate fan and had no idea about this. If I had more time and better modeling skills I would gladly lend a hand to them.
  9. But there are two critical differences between MySpace and Facebook. 1. Facebook doesn't allow people to burn people's eyes with god awful web design. The layout is standard and you can only populate it with your profile pic, information, and your own pictures. No more 15 songs playing at once, unreadable fonts, etc. 2. Facebook is arranged into networks, and I believe it will stay that way. People in different networks can't just browse other ones, so there is still an element of localization in it. Facebook may get worse over time, but it's doing it at a much slower rate then MySpa
  10. Funny shit, I saw something like that a few years ago.
  11. I like the red just fine, it goes along with the theme of the forums. I don't see any good reason to change it.
  12. Wow man, that's fantastic work, thank you so much! I've never heard of that program but it after playing around with it a little i'm very impressed. I especially like how since it is proper vector art you can export it in any size. Well done. If anyone else has done anything feel free to post it up here too.
  13. The font is something basic, I believe it's impact, or possibly haettenschweiler. Almost positive it's all impact, the "university gaming association" part is for sure. The splatter effect is actually a filter in photoshop. Filter-Brush Strokes-Splatter or Filter-Distort-Glass It was something like that. I dont remember for sure (I had someone else do the design of it). you have to rasterize the text before you add a filter, though, or it doesnt work. That was part of my problem. I really like the way the splatter looks now, but if it's not really distinguisable with a completly new o
  14. I've found one of the best places to look for laptops is simply in your sunday ads from the paper, or check store ads from Best Buy, Circuit City, etc. They usually have some really nice looking laptops for great prices every week. Usually it'll be alot cheaper because it has less RAM then possible, but it's really easy and cheap to upgrade that for a considerable performance boost.
  15. http://www.isu-uga.com/images/mainLogo.gif There is what the logo looks like. If you would like, I could send you a psd file of it so it would be easier to work with. My trouble is any time I enlarge it (need to make it huge so I can put it on all kinds of stuff, shrinking is easy) the image gets pixelated. I've managed to get rid of the pixelation to a degree, but it's still a real pain in the ass.
  16. Ok, so I need to take a logo I’ve got in a Photoshop file and make it large. At the same time I figured why not just convert it to / make it in vector art so it can be scaled in the future without any issues. Unfortunately, I don't have the experience to properly convert it. So basically I need a really clean and scalable (or large) version of a logo I have. Anyone here care to take a stab at it?
  17. That's pretty impressive, it really does look just like the set, lighting and all. If it gained some more popularity i'm sure it would end up on the show. Maybe replace the zombies / head grabers with democrats.
  18. You're not paying for a comic book to read, you're paying for an autographed comic. You're paying for a (kinda) rare piece of geek memorabilia. Still not nearly worth $1000+ though.
  19. Looking at his myspace page I can see why he needs a code monkey to build and maintain the site. That thing is a disaster, takes a while to load and is overloaded with flash. Does he have any idea when he would need the site done by? Considering he says that he'd have someone do all the artwork it seems like a pretty straightfoward gig. I'd be tempted to take it but not without knowing how much recurring maintance he will need (or how often) and what his time frame is.
  20. Only a total idiot would bid on this item. It would be cool to have, but not for $1,000+ . That's insane.
  21. That's one of the best translations i've seen in awhile. Usually google is 1/2 decent at getting the general message of the page across, but when you're talking about non-romance languages like Japanese it becomes considerably more difficult, especially when it's a peice of software translating, not a person.
  22. They were the worlds largest living claymore mines.
  23. Swordfish anyone? That's a fantastic action / hacker type movie.
  24. I have the Hak5 shirt, Systm, and The Broken. From thinkgeek I got the binary sign language and PEBKAC.
  25. If it's not suitable for the offical episode release it as a bouns thing to forum members ;)
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