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  1. DANGER WILL ROBINSON I've tried with two different ducks flashing them to this firmware (and also changed sd card format) and after trying to flash to the twin duck for file exfiltration, BOTH ducks died. Tried flashing to standard after and only got solid red light. Got the solid red light on Twin FW too. So DANGER when flashing to twin duck! Thankfully the customer service there rocks and they're sending me two brand new ones. I'm gonna send these back to them so they can do some testing on them. I literally tried everything I could think of doing. Flashing, reflashing, flashing manually, flashing with ducky-flasher, reinstalling the proper Atmel processor driver manually the proper way and no fixing it. Dead ducks. But again thank to the awesome customer service with Hak5 they're replacing them. GO HAK5! :)
  2. I guess not. I've even emailed them and asked them for help but haven't gotten any replies yet. I guess customer service isn't their forte?
  3. Tried it with three separate cards (all formatted properly), they're not the issue. I think it's a dead duck. I have also increased delay time but didn't matter. Still red LED on.
  4. I have had this same problem. Reflashed and didn't help.
  5. OK some progress at least.... I re flashed it with c_duck_v2.1.hex and now I am getting a green/red blinking LED but the payload still does not run.
  6. Any details on how this was fixed? I'm having the same problem.
  7. I've had my new USB Rubber Ducky for a couple weeks now. It worked twice, then after I upgraded the firmware it stopped working. I reflashed everything going on the directions located online that involve manually updating the Atmel driver and running the program.bat duck_v2.1.hex command. Everything comes back fine. Everything encodes fine. Everything goes on the card fine. But when I stick the SD card into the ducky and then put it into the computer, even with a simply hello world, nothing happens and the red LED is solid on. Any help would be very much appreciated. I have a second one on the way to see if I can get this next one to work. It should be here by the end of the week but I'd like to have more than a $45 pretty board.
  8. Ive been having real trouble getting my ducky to work. I've reflashed it, I've updated the Atmel driver on it manually to the proper one, but I can't get it to initiate any payloads. The LED is solid red when inserted with a micro SD. Micro SD has already been formatted for FAT (default). I have also flashed with ducky-flasher. Still cannot get it to work. Any help would be much appreciated. I don't even know how to get in touch with anyone from their tech support or I'd try them.
  9. When this update/install is done correctly, will the RD LED flash green and red? Is it safe to remove now?
  10. Hey thanks for the reply... yes I've double and triple checked that everything is supposed to be correct setting wise and update wise for the rubber ducky. I'm still having issues with the bash bunny too. I can get through the bb.sh program that configures the connection but I can't actually get it connected where i can apt update it.
  11. Could you post the settings at least? Im having the same problem. Trying to connect using bb.sh and I get through the program but then can't apt update my device.
  12. I just purchased the elite field kit and have been setting up each tool in there one by one. Did the LAN Turtle and the Pineapple. The Bash Bunny and Rubber Ducky however... both are failing to carry out any operations or execute any payloads. Even stranger, I have reflashed the BB and done the 1.3 update, AND I can connect to it via SSH in Putty. However, when I try to apt update && apt upgrade from the SSH shell, it can't connect to the database. I know it has connection ability because I have already told it to be and my normal wifi card to share connection with it. Really could use some help!
  13. I can't bring up the setup menu at all. I have everything connected as it is supposed to be, AC adapter, Cat5 going from the PA to the computer, and a micro USB going from the computer to the Eth1 port. HELP! I can't even access the setup menu!!
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