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  1. Really didn't know that I thought led only worked in a script thanks
  2. I have heard of arp spoofing what exactly is it, does it stop wifi packets or something also what else besides what you have mentioned can be done through the the remote access wifi
  3. What's the purpose of the undercover bunny payload all it does is make a wifi ap out of a target machine. It is in the remote access section so does it have any other purpose other than use img someone else's machine for Internet?
  4. So what would the command be to have it be solid blue for a few milliseconds and then solid red for a few
  5. Hi how do i get the police led sequence from the update flashes I want to implement this sequence into my payload, whats the code I need to write to get the sequence and how do I change the colours and the timing. Changing the colours and timing is just changing values but I don,t know how to recreate the police lighting. Thanks
  6. ok thanks also one more quick question its 1am in Australia what logs and information will i obtain from mana also if possible could u link me mana toolkit for kali. Thanks
  7. Just if i'm getting this wrong it does it all automatically yes?
  8. Hey Zylla this may be dumb but is the script completed or not. Also ive installed it but how do i use it and its features, once install is done it says to type launch-mana after that what do i do.
  9. I know it automatically i finished installing it like i said i had two and a half coffees before the download finished
  10. I had two and a half coffees by the time the mana download finished
  11. How does one install to the sd card or does it have to be installed in the nano itself I would prefer if it can be done on sd but if I have to I'll do it on the nano
  12. So it can do everything the pine can but doesn't that mean u would need to write the commands out yourself or could u make them executable and such I'm still a little confused and I can't seem to find much about other than its obvious file transfer feature and how it has openwrt ( should I create a topic instead of asking on your mana attack topic )
  13. Thanks I'll try it tomorrow when I get home from my holiday also what can be done with the ZSun and I know it can be used for file transfer and stuff but what else can it be used for cause u mentioned it to be a mini modem so what are its capabilities and other uses Thanks Zylla
  14. How do I get Mana on to the Pine nano step by step do I need to ash into it and what is this ZSun U guys are talking about I tried to find out what it is but it's wifi card reader?
  15. Hello anyone out there I just recently bought the Hak5 essentials get and couldn't wait to use it, when using the pineapple I ran into a major problem. I'm new to the Pineapple and have only owned it for a day and a half now and only used it twice. On the first night everything was working but I was struggling to get PineAP working, have connected clients (also how do I get connected clients) and getting any modules to work. But now I cant even get my Nano to connect to the internet these are my settings for windows 10 and load bulletins or download modules, also I can browse the different pag
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