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  1. I shall make them and name them after you... (For having the idea)
  2. I added a toggle between the pineapple and battery. I got sick of it accidentally coming on...But... It looks like I've run out of space and can't upload anymore pics. Sorry :-) It looks cool too.
  3. On a spare phone, go into your WIFI settings, and ADD A NETWORK... create a random named network with NO security on it. Save it. Enable pineap. Check ALL the boxes, and hit save. Now tell me if your "random named network" shows up in your SSID pool
  4. Been messing with this stick too long... theres gotta be a way to make a software patch to null this little turd from needing to be used every time just to run my own paid software... I use this on several computers, and if I make the mistake of leaving it plugged in on one, then I use the internet to login to verify (without the stick) it confirms its in use, then kicks both computers from using until you contact staff and let them know it was JUST A MISTAKE... but you only get 3 mistakes before they levee action against your account since you "agree" to only use it on one system at a time... for security purposes... I hate you wibu systems usb sticks Anyone here ever mess with these ?
  5. It runs it. Instead of typing it in each time, I click a button. Each time I run the pi, I have to open wp6.sh and load saved connection settings to access the pineapple nano.
  6. I created a launcher button (and a variant) for my docking bar to quickly access the wp6.sh file. Here is my icon file if anyone else would like to use it.
  7. After seeing the 180 ° usb connector with the nano, I bought a couple of my own to use for other devices and battery packs... It lets me have my external wifi card sit right on top and out of the way of my raspberry pi, but it had a bit of bulk that blocked the port below it. I shaved it down with an angle grinder. Its just solid plastic. Now I can access the port below it just fine. =) Hope the info helps someone. Edit: Shaved the chinese letters off. =)
  8. Just keep resetting till it makes sense. Thats what I did. lol. I ruined that thing a dozen times somehow but now I have no problems.
  9. Install Kali Linux onto your Raspberry Pie run: apt-get upgrade then: apt-get install x11vnc then: (follow password creating instructions) x11vnc -storepasswd then finally: x11vnc -forever -usepw -display :0 -ultrafilexfer Then from your phone, or whatever device using VNC Viewer *for example, connect on port 5900. Done. Now you can remote control your Kali Pie and Pineapple (should you have it already setup) from the kitchen table... or remote deploy it on a battery pack...pocket lan
  10. reset the nano (pin hole on bottom, needs power) connect it. Enable usb tethering... try again?
  11. It would be great if we had some sort of notification when a client connected to the wifi pineapple connector app esp for android users. http://soundfxcenter.com/download-sound/mk3-jax-gotcha-sound-effect/
  12. So you're approaching an existing network... Launching a SSID with the same name / security setup / password, while I assume deauthing the target router in hopes that you'll redirect connected devices to your secure network ?
  13. Oh yeah, having the button defined as yellow is conflicting. I'll give it a look soon.
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