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  1. I had a similar issue with the bash bunny not upgrading and getting very hot. I looked at the downloaded file and noticed it was named 'ch_fw_1.3_264.tar' after downloading. Based on the download site it should have a name of 'ch_fw_1.3_264.tar.gz'. I renamed the file to now have .gz extension and then placed it on the bunny and it upgraded fine. Let me know if this also works for you.
  2. It looks like you have a null byte between each character. Each character is two bytes. You can copy and paste to an editor and you should be able to read. If not and you are on Linux you can save to a file and run strings on it from a shell.
  3. If you want to capture a handshake of an existing access point you can ssh to the pineapple and use the aircrack-ng tools to capture a handshake. Once captured you would then crack it with something like hashcat. You can also use the site survey module which provides a GUI interface to capture the handshake. Setting up a fake AP is usually done to perform man in the middle attacks and not for handshake grabbing. When you tell the pineapple to advertise your fake AP it will do so without encryption. This is due to the fact that you cannot setup a WPA/WPA2 PSK access point as you do not have the passphrase.
  4. I used 3M Scotchprint Wrap Film (1080 Series Brushed Black Metallic BR-212) for the background. You can find it on Amazon. I have a Vinyl cutter that I used for the custom logo. What you could do is use the yellow pineapple sticker from Hak5. Using that sticker with the black brushed metal background would make it really pop.
  5. Just got the Tetra. Looking forward to the 5GHz capability and had to throw some Vinyl on it: Nice MAC address scheme
  6. My thoughts: I believe while your devices (iOS and Mac systems) are already connected they will not probe. I also believe that it depends on the manufactures wifi supplicant. For example: your apple devices may be coded to probe less often than say your neighbors WiFi card.
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