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  1. Got it updated. latest firmware is mint.
  2. Haven't had time to mess with it lately. Firehouse gets busy during the summers.
  3. Ya went back and tried 1.1 and 1.2 with no luck. Didn't think to check the checksums.
  4. Having the worst time trying to flash 1.3. I'm currently on 1.0 and I've followed the upgrade process to the letter. Hasn't worked on my Mac or any of my VM's (Windows, Linux). Each time I attempt to upgrade it starts to blink red for less then 15 sec turns green then nothing. Won't even recognize as a usb device till I plug it in for the 3rd time to do the recovery process. I'm afraid if I continue to try to upgrade I'm gonna brick this thing. Recovery has been straight forward and has worked every time. Seriously I have no idea what I'm doing wrong. Not sure if there is a 1st gen bug or what. Absolutely love this BB and want to get the new firmware going ASAP.
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