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  1. I just updated my nano (2.6.2) and now I have no more space on my SD card (16GB)... not to mention the space on the nano either... someone has a suitable fstab configuration on the fly for me?
  2. sudo /etc/init.d/postgresql start && sudo msfdb init # or sudo systemctl daemon-reload && sudo pg_ctlcluster 12 main start
  3. @Zylla Thank you for your prompt reply Here are the Logs.... root@nano:~# ./pmkid Found 2 processes that could cause trouble. If airodump-ng, aireplay-ng or airtun-ng stops working after a short period of time, you may want to run 'airmon-ng check kill' 14780 root 1372 S grep wpa_action\|wpa_supplicant\|wpa_cli\|dhclient\|ifplugd\|dhcdbd\|dhcpcd\|udhcpc\|NetworkManager\|knetworkmanager\|avahi-autoipd\|avahi-daemon\|wlassistant\|wifibox\|PID | grep -v 24112 root 2748 S /usr/sbin/wpa_supplicant -B -P /var/run/wpa_supplicant-wlan2.pid -D nl80211 -i wlan2 -c /var/ru
  4. Hello...... recovered mi nano and installed hcx*....... but after i run the command to get some pmkids igot following output root@Pineapple:~# ./pmkid initialization... warning: wpa_supplicant is running with pid 2250 warning: wlan1mon is probably a monitor interface start capturing (stop with ctrl+c) INTERFACE................: wlan1mon ERRORMAX.................: 100 errors FILTERLIST...............: 0 entries MAC CLIENT...............: acde48147325 MAC ACCESS POINT.........: 10ae604dab4e (incremented on every new client) EAPOL TIMEOUT............: 150000 REPLAYCOUNT............
  5. Hi..... 1. On a Pi0w-P4wnP1-ALOA i run a https listener 2. in the Pineapple Nano Meterpreter webmodule i enter LHOST and LPORT of the listener..... 3. now i connect a 3rd device to the nano-hosted "openWiF" and surf to the landing page in a webbrowser.... 4. after a few seconds on the Pi Zero console that happens =[ metasploit v5.0.29-dev ] + -- --=[ 1898 exploits - 1068 auxiliary - 329 post ] + -- --=[ 547 payloads - 44 encoders - 10 nops ] + -- --=[ 2 evasion ] [*] Processing /hom
  6. Hello people....... tried to get a connection vie Meterpreter to mi Pineapple nano, but all the fuck i h get is this msf5 exploit(multi/handler) > show options Module options (exploit/multi/handler): Name Current Setting Required Description ---- --------------- -------- ----------- Payload options (windows/meterpreter/reverse_tcp): Name Current Setting Required Description ---- --------------- -------- ----------- EXITFUNC process yes Exit technique (Accepted: '', seh, thread, pr
  7. My latest BashBunny-Challenge.....MSF - MS17_010 - BashBunny Thanks to Astr0baby, iam just a sharer of his excellent thoughts Lets go..... Make sure to set some date for TLS/SSL to work ;) # date -s "20170925" Add this to /etc/apt/sources.list deb http://http.us.debian.org/debian/ jessie-updates main # apt-get update # apt-get -y install autoconf bison build-essential curl git-core libapr1 libaprutil1 libcurl4-openssl-dev libgmp3-dev # curl -sSL https://get.rvm.io | bash -s stable # source /etc/profile.d/rvm.sh # rvm requirements # rvm l
  8. Hello everybody...... I have recently added a domain and some webspace ..... my goal is now to get a reverseshell to the visitor of that page! that means i have to infect this site in the way that if someone calls the he gets pwnd! and best without big spectacle and 3000 confirmations to be rallay really shure to install my trojan! My LHOST is a Pi 2 with Kali! To generate my code i use ps1encode! What output file format do i need to take? php? js? html? acab? Please help! On the server lie otherwise no further files! 2. Question: How or where or with what do I h
  9. I have just reset my bashbunny and since then, my explorer shows me this! what's up?
  10. Can someone tell me what I have to make so I can read the output of my decoding? That would be cool.......;-P
  11. Thanks for your answer...... Yes, the LT is plugged to a direct power source..... So at least one of the two IPs should be achievable, but this is not the case... Do i have to forward Port 22 for Or for 192.168.178.xx? For now this is the output of my screen
  12. My goal is to make my LanTurtle accessible over the entire LAN or the very best in the WAN. For this I proceed as follows Step 1: Without LanTurtle plugged in -> Windows 10 -> ipconfig Step 2: LanTurtle via Ethernet cable cable to the router, other side --> USB at the laptop -> ipconfig Step 3 SSH into the LanTurtle Step 4: Update modules Now, if i plug out the LanTurtle after Step 4 and connect it to the LAN like in those two Pics below i cant receive the LanTurtle over LAN anything else.... What is
  13. I dont get it.... Do I have to install meterpreter directly on the wifi pineapple or on another machine? #ssh Would be no problem, would have enen Raspberry Pi, on the Metasploit runs. But every time I enter on the API of the Pineapple Meterpreter Module the login data of my "Home Network-Raspberry Pi" nothing happens at all!
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