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  1. You are right, I ran into the same error. But installing git-http helped. I added it to the installation notes section of my post. Cheers!
  2. Are you pressing and holding the reset button before plugging in the usb c cable?
  3. I actually just wanted it to run on the mk7 standalone so it could always run without the need for a laptop, desktop or server running. I reduced the radio usage to just 1 internal radio and my AWUS036ACM and it's been more stable for the past little bit. I'll continue testing to see if (read when) it drops out.
  4. I got hcxdumptool installed just fine. The rest of the install throws an error about unknown package "hcxtools" but all you really need is the dumptool on the pineapple. You can process the output on another computer where the full suite is installed anyway. Here's what I did if anyone really needs to know. Make sure that your pineapple has an internet connection. SSH into your pineapple ssh root@ Download and install Git cuz it's not present on the pineapple. Then download the OpenWRT hcxtools package maintained by @Zylla (githubuser adde88). Finally use the included install script after CDing into the new install directory. opkg install git git-http git clone https://github.com/adde88/hcxtools-hcxdumptool-openwrt.git cd hcxtools-hcxdumptool-openwrt ./INSTALL.sh Try it out with something like: hcxdumptool -o output.pcapng -i wlan1 -t 5 --enable_status=3 I'm trying to write this from memory so please correct me if I hiccuped anywhere.
  5. I got it working thanks to Foxtrot's tip about the Capture- Linux-Wifi package. However, I only got it to consistently run for about 15-20 mins. Then it threw a sql error at me and shutdown the Web Server. (This has happened twice) Any thoughts? I was trying to run all 3 radios as sources, so, maybe it was taxing this little device too much. During the time it was running, I did notice that the OUI lookup feature was broken in the repo's build. So I fixed that by downloading the kismet package zip on Github, I extracted the kismet_manuf.txt.gz file and SCP'd it over to the device. Then, I just edited the Kismet configuration file to point to the list. Hope that helps someone. Can also confirm that I got a AWUS036ACM to work for 5ghz kismet monitoring.
  6. I've been trying to connect to the Pineapple Mark 7 through the app like I used to on the Tetra and Nano. Unfortunately, no luck. Is the app compatible with the new hardware? If not, is there a plan to make it compatible via firmware or app update?
  7. https://fccid.io/2AA52MK7/Internal-Photos/Internal-photos-4650989 This should help.
  8. Speaking of the Ubertooth... Does the owl and this payload support them?
  9. I had this exact thought about running off a battery.. I coin it the Energizer Bunny! I had also thought that maybe there were some sort of Scripts that could run in standalone, post-exfiltration. Things like running hashes against smaller wordlists or something to speed up credential hacking. Don't really know if the BB is powerful enough for that but it's worth looking into.
  10. I experienced the same problem when I first flashed 1.1.0. A simple refresh of the browser page fixed it tho and then it loaded the tiles.
  11. Try flashing the latest firmware via the web interface. I saw a similar issue with my pineapple when i first got it. wlan1 would not stay enabled. Firmware 1.0.4 has been running smooth for me though. Hope this helps.
  12. Output is : Failed to start hostapd for phy0 command failed: Device or resource busy (-16) Successfully initialized wpa_supplicant
  13. Hey Seb, Just to confirm, will the Youtube stream be a live stream or will it all just be uploaded after the hangout session? Thank, Whizdumb
  14. Free Mark IV with the purchase of a Mark V? Wouldn't that be sweet...
  15. Older article... But who knows maybe it could be a reality someday... http://techcrunch.com/2009/07/23/only-in-japan-kddi-shows-off-wireless-microsd-card/ or Maybe this could work.. http://eshop.sintech.cn/sd-to-micro-sd-fpc-extender-with-65mm-flex-cable-p-764.html
  16. Would this work for your purposes? http://handheldsci.com/kb I too was interested to see if someone could make a "Blueducky" Cheers, Whizdumb
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