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  1. Easy fix: Attach nano to my mac, press and hold factor reset 5+ seconds. Wait for blue light to go solid after it cycles through reboot. Opened Firefox on mac Connected to Click continue Hold the reset button on Nano for 3 seconds to allow wifi on Go to Networking Tab Go to the middle right and select scan button for nano wifi to search for available networks Select a known AP to enable wifi of nano to have web access Once on, go check connection by heading to dashboard and update bulletins, if it opens, great! Go to Advanc
  2. Seb et al, I had my nano working great on my Samsung Note 4. Stopped working with it for maybe a year and during that time, I updated my phone to Samsung Galaxy 8 Edge. I downloaded the (most recent) wifi pineapple app from the Play Store. Followed the directions to connect and I am stuck at "Waiting for connection; Waiting for wifi pineapple to make a connection" USB tethering is on in my settings, I'm using the y cable to attach to power supply (blue light is on), they just aren't shaking hands. What can I do?
  3. UnixSecLab, Darren made a change to line 115 in the QuickCreds program about 22hrs ago. You might try to update the module and re-test. Note that someone also found they get an error after /root/loot/0008 and offered up a suggested fix that hasn't been implemented as of yet.
  4. I followed the instructions explicitly. Didn't work for me on an attempt at my lab Win10 test unit. The blog article doesn't go into any depth on the Turtle configurations employed.
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