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  1. Have just been scratching my head while trying to upgrade the Pineapple at work. D'oh! Is there a way to perform a firmware upgrade over CLI? I've got the .bin...
  2. Now that does sound interesting! How's progress coming along? Or am I very bad at scouring the web? Either way, good work! :)
  3. Firstly, this script is great and works wonderfully on my Kali box, so thank you repzeroworld! I'm trying to get this running on a Raspberry pi now. With any of the MDK3 options I chose I get "No source mac specified" and "Couldn't determine current channel for mon0" when it begins running that part of the script. I specify a channel during the Bully setup, as well as -B. Bully seems to run fine, but obviously without the benefits of the MDK3 attacks. Is there something I'm missing here because I'm on a Pi? It seems to be waiting for a beacon on channel -1, which is not the channel I set. I haven't tried this script on my Mark V as that's in use on a longer term project at the moment. Thanks dudes!
  4. That is pretty lame. I managed to resolve my issue by doing a factory reset with the DIP switches.
  5. I'm not getting any error messages, just a blank page when browsing to www.wifipineapple.com Trying to investigate what's up with my MK5 - just got red and green LED's and no Karma. Googled and found a post that took me to wifipineapple.com which is a dead end. What gives? Alternatively, if someone can help me with my issue that would be great too. Thanks dudes!
  6. You might have to share your internet connection from an already authenticated machine to your pineapple. Well, I'm guessing that would work, but it won't help you if you're trying to deploy your Pineapple remotely.
  7. And then post it here. Sharing is caring! Plus we might be able to help!
  8. So I've got a replacement being shipped now too. Excellent work, Hak5 shop! Shame about the DOA Juice pack, I guess there would be too many to test before shipping.
  9. I have the exact same issue, though I've found it works if you hold in the connector to the battery which is obviously a bit impractical. Have emailed, just waiting for a response. Going by the last reply to this thread I'm hopeful :)
  10. Can I ask which model you have, with the 9/12v barrel outputs? The only ones I can find are USB, which at 5v would presumably be useless for the Pineapple. Thanks!
  11. This has happened to another Kingston USB drive. Pineapple hangs, reboots, and comes back with no USB mounted. Reapplied fstab changes, rebooted pineapple - no good. Time for me to get the mark V?
  12. I've got my Pineapple connected via the WAN port to my router, and it can get online fine. I'm having trouble with my Pineapple consuming USB memory sticks, and since the Pineapple currently isn't leaving my house, I'd like to access the Pineapple from a Kali VM on a server which is on the same router as the Pineapple. I'm trying to figure out how I can route traffic to Kali, as I would having run the wp4.sh script with the Pineapple connected directly to the host. This is probably more of a general networking question than Pineapple specific, but I'd be really grateful for any help. This would mean I could just run whichever tools I wanted in the VM, lightening the load on the Pineapple and potentially freeing up the USB port for another Alfa radio. Many thanks! (there isn't a beer emoticon...)
  13. Any of the Hak5 crew want to comment on that? I'm not trying to assign blame - just trying to work out how I can get my Pineapple to stay working without needing to feed it USB sticks.
  14. I've had the same problem with 3 different USB memory sticks now, surely this can't all be down to faulty hardware? Could this have anything to do with the Pineapple losing power while it's in the middle of writing to a file, and the drive then staying locked somehow? Thanks for any tips.
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