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  1. Which infusion can I use to crack WEP remotely (without a computer running aircrack-ng) It seems as you cant get aircrack-ng on the pineapple as I dont see it in the Pineapple bar.
  2. I'm not sure what kind of System my university is running, all I know is that it requires my username and password to connect. Its pretty much an Intranet. There is only a password box to fill in on the Pineapple after selecting the Wireless network.
  3. I'm trying to connect my Pineapple at my university, but in order to use the wireless, we need to enter our username and password into the wireless log in settings. In the Web UI, there is only a field for entering in the password, how do you enter the username? Is there a way to get around this?
  4. Greetings Hak(5)ers, my name is Ilia (a.k.a. ilia_bro) Favourite game: Wayyy to many to choose, but if I had to pick one - Rome Total War (most time spent playing) Favourite OS: Windows XP (RIP) Favourite console: Nintendo 64 Nationality: Russian Accent: Canadian (with hints of Russian and New Zealand) Sex: Male Age: 20 Race: Caucasian Height: 190cm Status: Single Build: Endomorphic Favourite band: Disturbed Favourite book: Anything by Chris Ryan Favourite author: Chris Ryan Favourite movie: Legend of 1900 Favourite director: N/A Favourite TV Show: Brooklyn 99 Favourite actor: N/A Favourite actress: N/A Favourite Pinup: N/A Favourite Comedian: Russel Peters Other hobbies: Guitar/Saxophone, ice skating, cycling, gaming, (getting into) pen-testing Car: N/A Occupation:Student @ AUT in NZ, part time Trolley Assistant
  5. I was wanting to get into looking at Bluetooth penetration testing, but I couldn't figure out how to bridge the Bluetooth adapter through Virtual Box into the OS; it keeps saying no Bluetooth device found. Anyone know how?
  6. You should by a Macbook air, chuck Kali linux onto it and call the "Hackbook air" hahaha. In all seriousness, not a massive apple fan, but the battery life on those things is incredibly appealing. Perfect for war driving and pen-testing on the go :)
  7. Just ordered my pineapple, hopefully it doesn't turn out to be a dud. Looking forward to playing with it, and the Ducky!!!
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