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Found 13 results

  1. Hi guys, Ive noticed a lot of people were having problems with windows defender quarantining their payloads. Here's how i get around that with a simple batch file: @echo off chdir /d "%ProgramFiles%\Windows Defender" MpCmdRun.exe /restore -name "Insert Threat Name Here, Remove quotes" -All To find the threat name, let defender quarantine the file on your machine and run this command on your machine: MpCmdRun.exe /restore -listall Add that to your sd card and run it as an administrator and it will restore your file and add it to the allowed list to prevent
  2. I have been working on a small little virus to mess with some friends, when you start up the program it will ask you what file type you would like to shuffle, after inputting that it will do the rest of the work for you! Any ideas on what I could add to the program? (You can find it here https://github.com/SkullScript/Puffle-Shuffle)
  3. WDuckyFlasher This is a ducky firmware flasher with all firmwares built in. It is handy in case you only have a nearby windows computer because this is made in batch! I'm always open for suggestions! Have fun. Download link [ZIP]
  4. Hoi! So, I've decided to post a script that I've been using for many years. What it does is lock a folder with a specified password, allowing you to hide and unhide a folder from view any time you please. Keep in mind the code isn't entirely mine - it's an upgraded version of script I found on the internet many years ago. The method of hiding the folder can be seen through if the intruder suspects that there is something hidden there. If a hacker or pentester suspected that there was a hidden file they could find it fairly easily, and I'll tell you how later on in this post. However,
  5. Hi all, I'm having a very odd issue with a batch file, simply designed to ping a machine and report it up or down. The script is as follows; ping -n 1 | find "TTL=" >nul if errorlevel 1 ( echo Host down. ) else ( echo Host up. ) The weirdness comes from the fact that, if I run the above as Admin, it works fine. However, if I just double click the batch file as a standard user, it returns; ^C^C^C^C^C^C^C^C^C^C^C^Cthe process tried to write to a nonexistent pipe^C^C^C^C^C^C^C^C^C^C^C^C^C^C^C^C^C ^C^C^C^C^C^C^C^C^C^C^C^C^C^C^C^C^C^C^C^C^C^C^C^C^C^C^C^C^C
  6. I'm attempting to create a FOR each user DO set a variable 'UserID' and then echo each User ID back. Why does this . . . FOR %%Z IN (SDESK1 SDESK2 SDESK3 SDESK4) DO (set UserID=%%Z echo %UserID%) . . . not set %UserID% correctly? It just echoes as '%Z' The output should technically just list each UserID one at a time; SDESK1 SDESK2 SDESK3 SDESK4 Sorry, it's been a while since I used FOR in batch and I'm sure I must be getting some syntax wrong! Cheers.
  7. Hi all, Here's a nice script, entirely in a batch file, that ; Prompts for input of a user's Full Name and Email Address Sets their password to a random string of uppercase, lowercase and numerical characters. Generates an email to send to them, with their new password. Notes; Length of the password can be set using the line Set _RNDLength= Whether user has to reset their password on logging in can be set with -mustchpwd Amend OU= and DC= for your own companie's domain. @echo off :Start endlocal echo. echo This script will reset the password for a user, using their Full Name, echo a
  8. Hi all, I'm using... @echo off echo Calling a subroutine. gosub subr1 echo Returned from the subroutine. Pause :subr1 echo In the subroutine. return ... but I get ... Calling a subroutine 'gosub' is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program of batch file [etc.] Is this a CMD version issue? Why isn't GOSUB recognised? Thanks.
  9. Hi all, I'm using... wmic /node:%Hostname% os get lastbootuptime ... which gives the output as a WMIDateTime (Last time a PC was rebooted)... 20160104102930 Is there a way for me to convert this output to a nicely formatted date/time from within the batch file? In this case, I'd like the output to be something like 04/01/2016 10:29 I've had a look around the net, but couldn't find what I needed. Surely batch can do this, without having to rely on Javascript/Powershell? Thank you.
  10. Hi all, More batch script goodness. I'm using PSTools' psloggedon for this. In CMD, if I input 'psloggedon -l -x \\HOSTNAME' I get the following result... Connecting to Registry of \\HOSTNAME... Users logged on locally: DOMAIN\USER_ONE DOMAIN\USER_TWO DOMAIN\USER_THREE DOMAIN\USER_FOUR Using FOR in a batch script, I would expect skipping the first 2 populated lines (using /F) and setting the delimiter as '\' should allow me to pipe just the usernames to the screen, however it
  11. Hello all, Sorry to ask another CMD/Batch question, I'm still learning and having way too much fun ;) I'm trying to add a printer using... rundll32.exe printui.dll,PrintUIEntry /in /n "\\servername\Printer Name" ... which works great IF you know the full name of the printer you are trying to add. If I use Windows 7's Control Panel > Devices & Printers to add a printer, I can select; Add A Printer > Add A Network Printer > The Printer I Want Isn't Listed > Find a printer in the directory and then type in a small section of the printer's name and it will find it. For examp
  12. Hey guys and gals. So at work, I'm noticing a lot of little programs that I find running all the time. But with the way the corporate image is, I can't deploy the duck easily for this (Bummer!!) so I've decided to go basic and creat a .bat menu screen for the user that can be accessed via the intranet. The main program calls smaller programs into the same window. I'm a little rusty with my .DOS, what I'm trying to do are a few different things: - I have a .ps1 powershell script I want to execute via the menu screen , but I'm not sure where I'm going wrong because it just dies immediately.
  13. Would this be possible? I can see how it would be, but i just wanted to see if one of the DEV's could confirm the complexity of it. It seems simple enough, i think... Find and run the commands that the HTML/JS ui calls, wait till it executes correctly and exits, then execute the next module fetch/get command, wait till completion, so on so forth. For my purposes, a simple static script would work fine. But it would be nice if it could somehow parse a list of availible modules, their install scripts/commands, etc and then prompt the user to choose which modules they want, and then the use
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