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  1. RT @matteo_meucci: Fantastic @mindedsecurity team @AppSecEU #AppSecEu https://t.co/yNApq12zhV

  2. RT @OWASPBelfast: #Hacking & Securing #iOS on Day 3 of @AppSecEu in Rome! Great line up of training sessions and speakers! https://t.co/qm…

  3. Just one week to our "Hacking and Securing iOS apps" training course @AppSecEU. Can't wait! See you all in Rome :) https://t.co/oNmuDPC9nk

  4. Few seats left for the “Hacking and Securing iOS applications” course in Rome @AppSecEU, lots of exercise! 29th June https://t.co/oNmuDPC9nk

  5. RT @mindedsecurity: Ever wanted to know how to Hack and Secure iOS Applications? Attend our training @ #AppSecEU in Rome, June 29th! https:…

  6. RT @i0n1c: Are you concerned that your iPhone was secretly jailbroken and you are spied on? https://t.co/dKLezhnTTS https://t.co/66F8ytJZtd

  7. Hi all, first of all thanks for your great efforts and all your great gadgets and videos. I would like to buy other things from the HakShop (now and surely in the future) but shipping costs and the time deliveries scare me so much. When will an HakShop for Europe be available? Can't wait.
  8. Anyone has REALLY tested this thing? I have just tried and with the Pineapple connected via ethernet to my PC, a client who is connecting to the Pineapple sees a dramatic decadence on the download speed (from 28.13 Mbps to 3.59 Mbps). Ping and upload are instead almost the same. When I disconnect my Pineapple from the ethernet and set the Pineapple in client mode using an ALFA AWUS036H connected to the Pineapple via USB, when a client connects to the Pineapple I see an additional decadence to 0,68 Mbps on download speed. The same also happened without the Alfa and using only wlan1. So...what am I doing wrong? Not only in client mode (wlan1 and wlan2 with an Alfa give the same results), but also via Ethernet, a client sees a dramatic decadence on download speed (tested on speedtest.net). Upload and ping seem to be coherent with the normal status. Thanks in advance to all.
  9. About security contests like that announced by #Telegram : https://t.co/XXi5fDZpl6 and http://t.co/9KLdH8rJyh

  10. Purchased the @ansible4devops book the other day. Just perfect at the moment. Great work @geerlingguy #ansible

  11. Organizzazione perfetta e speaker entusiasmanti. Complimenti davvero a tutti e alla prossima. #TEDxVerona

  12. Thanks to @bleskes for the great webinar about #marvel #elasticsearch yesterday. It was very useful and interesting.

  13. Sorry for the delay but I had not a USB keyboard. I have done what you said and I have created 2 files: the "1" for the "{" character and the "2" for the "}" character. Thanks in advance and let me know if you need something else. LINK: 1. http://speedy.sh/kFAq3/1.ulz 2. http://speedy.sh/tpKFD/2.ulz
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