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  1. [Official] wps

    Just wanted to say thanks again to Zylla for his help in actually bringing WPS functionality to the Tetra. Confirming the above works flawlessly, and though I haven't tried everything else, I have every reason to trust Zylla's info regarding the symlink making sure the other core proggys won't break. Regarding Whistle Master's handiwork, good LORD man, your modules are (and always have been!) so amazing, this one being no exception. The depth to which this interface does it's thing is brilliant, what a fantastic piece of work brother. I'm really loving my Tetra now that I can perform the tasks required and I'm quite sure the WM contributions to this interface will be crucial to the success of the Tetra platform as they have been for all the MK fruits over the years. Eternal thanks to all who helped, WM for the incredible module, and to the Hak5 community for making shit work!! Love you guys! hf
  2. Wifi Pineapple - Themes

    Glorious!! Installing updates Reaver and bully tomorrow, this goes on immediately after! Absolutely gorgeous, love dark themes. Man I sure hope one of you brilliant bastards (and I mean that with all due respect!!) can someday write a module to switch these themes up in the gui, but I'm all over this one regardless and can't wait to get it installed!! Thanks kbeflo, really nice work with the installation instructions and everything!!
  3. [Official] wps

    Man, I don't even know how to say thanks other than to encourage some others who this helps to also send Zylla a few bucks. This is fantastic, thanks brother! Sent a PM with a few questions given the new compilations of Bully and Reaver. Essentially asking for a new step-by-step to install these correctly to a Tetra with no external storage. I definitely don't want to screw things up by assuming I know something that may not be correct. I have PuTTY and WinSCP, used them extensively, but things like knowing what path/dir to copy these ipk's to before running the opkg install routine, if I must install them to external storage (currently i don't have any on my Tetra, hoping I don't require external storage to install these), etc, would be great and reassuring to have a known routine to perform this correctly. I'm guessing i'm probably not the only one with these questions, but sometimes I feel like it. :) I'm not ashamed to say that i learn a great deal from doing these tasks while learning them from folks who know what they're doing, so I really appreciate all your work and any assistance you can provide to perform this correctly would be also greatly appreciated. Thanks Zylla, and thanks to Just_A_User as well, you definitely hit the mark in your post on this regarding the later version of libpcap! hf
  4. [Official] wps

    Brother, you're awesome. I won't get to this until tomorrow unfortunately, but until then I wanted to let you know how grateful I am for all your help and for your quick and thorough response. So while I can't get it done til tomorrow, I can shoot ya some brew money tonight, check your acct in a few. I'll be back to let ya know how it went, and I guarantee I'm not alone in my gratitude. If you've been waiting for this fix as I have, let's get Zylla some appreciation cash, gang. Thx again bro, be back tomorrow, all kindza excited to get it fixed!! hf
  5. [Official] wps

    You are Alpha Hero AF!!!! Thanks man!!! I understand how to symlink, but I want to make damned sure I get it right with the paths, etc. Would you be kind enough to provide a simple step-by-step by providing the "ln" command with proper switches, paths, permissions if needed, etc? I really don't want to screw it up as this sort of fix is not my forte nor something I do on the regular. Zylla, I'll happily send you some $$ for the efforts on your part to take care of this issue to buy a rack of brews or whatever you like if you can take those of us who aren't quite as sure of themselves across the finish line on resolving this issue and get it working by providing some simple complete steps to implementing your fix. I hope a few others where this issue directly affected their ability to perform necessary work using this tool would also chip in even a few bucks and show Zylla some appreciation as well for taking the time to get it resolved and share it with us. P.S. I rewrote this reply leaving a LOT of other stuff probably best left unsaid out of my reply. Suffice it to say I'm extremely disappointed , particularly as a long time Hak5 supporter both financially and socially. Thanks again Zylla for taking your own personal time to provide a fix for this. For me, it means the difference between this $200 Tetra remaining in a box to sell, or actually using for it's intended purpose, in my case, by deploying it as a remote pentesting platform in order to provide a comprehensive report to the requesting entity.
  6. Drooooooool......Must.......have.............dark theeeeeme...... I LOVE the screenshots, and a reverse would be a dream!!! The current bright white looks clean but is so f'n bright. A module to change some themes would be a really nice and welcome module, hope you can pull it together, this is a great idea, thanks! hf
  7. [Official] wps

    Can someone please confirm or deny that performing QCSmoker's fix post at least fixed Bully/pixie in the WPS module? Any configuration of Bully in the WPS module yields an empty log and zero results for me. I'd like to use the WPS module, but the Tetra without a functioning WPS tool via modules is a deal-breaker for me, and despite Seb's October 2016 fix statement above, it hasn't happened yet. I'll use bully instead of reaver happily, but if I have to jump to ssh shells to use a simple wps tool, where does that stop? Reaver is dead on the MK6 and has been for many, many months, leaving one WPS tool, Bully. This isn't WMs issue with the whole reaver thing, but since I can't get Bully to work either, I'm hoping the code fix above by QCSmoker perhaps will get bully working in this module...and I can then stop being Marsha Brady, eat a snickers, and go back to being Danny Trejo again. ;) Obscure Brady Reference YT link So, can someone please let me know if they have gotten bully to work in this WPS module, complete with a non-empty log, and if so, please share the steps necessary to replicate your success? If someone can please even just confirm QCs post fixed bully and the logging issue I'll start there. Thanks all, and WM, I STILL don't know how you find time to crank out all you do on the pineapple modules, they really make the MKV/VI platform complete. :) Mars...err....hfam
  8. Windows Driver

    Thanks for sharing, had the same issue.
  9. [Official] wps

    Heya Seb, it's been ages! Hope you're doing well! Just received my tetra today and am dying to set it up, hit the forums after a very extended absence and saw this bit on reaver dependence on older libpcap versions. I know your time is limited, but hoping beyond hope that perhaps rolling the stat linking to the old libpcap into a patch or update is still on the radar for a near future implementation? I know it's not intuitive to include support for a defunct tool but reaver is still a really useful go-to in the arsenal and hoping we can manage a quick support fix to keep reaver alive for a while. I can't imagine not having it in the toolbox ready to go. You would have my eternal gratitude brother, and a rack or 2 of beers of your choice if ya pm me with your PP . :). Not joking, if it'll get reaver back to functioning on the tetra (and nano?), I'm sure a few others may help the cause as well, and if not F em, I'll still send ya enough bread for a good pisser. :) Seriously, and with great hope, hfam P.S. Heya to Mr Kitchen, foxtrot, telot, WM, and all the others I've missed. It's good to be back. :)
  10. [How To] Tunnel MK5 through VPN

    Dunno about the Cody incident, but that's good solid advice. Checked into it and indeed, they're keeping logs, and for a pretty significant time too....2-3 months: http://vpn.hidemyass.com/vpncontrol/logging.html
  11. [How To] Tunnel MK5 through VPN

    Indeed it does! As long as it's not Quantico, VA, though... ;)
  12. Introduce yourself

    hfam. No fucking way I'm telling you all a bunch of personal data (except Snubsie...I would tell her anything she wanted to know!! ;) ) Favorite game: Fallout 3/Las Vegas - Gears of War Favorite OS: Winbloze - learning Linux, hoping the experts here can help me along the way Favorite console: Xbox360 for games, PS3 for streaming and blu-ray Nationality: American Sex: Fairly often, sometimes even with other people Age: Old. Too...fucking...old... Race: Not with this screwed up back of mine... Height: 3' 36" Favorite band: The Black Crowes, Iron Maiden, Lamb of God Favorite book: 1984 Favorite author: Mark Steyn Favorite movie: The Usual Suspects Favorite TV Show: South Park Favorite Comedian: Bill Hicks Other hobbies: Musician, mischief, avoiding speeding tickets, horticulture Occupation: Network Engineer, Musician