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  1. Hi Guys, Has anybody worked out how to create an infusion out of this: http://www.theregister.co.uk/2015/04/22/apple_no_ios_zone_bug/ Could be a bit of fun LOL ~S
  2. Believe it or not, I actually did search, no idea why this thread didn't come up. Thanks for the link anyway ~S
  3. Hi All Where is the karma blacklist stored? I occasionally want to check if an address is already there or not. An extra tab for this on the infusion would be a great time saver too. ~S
  4. Such a shame, it really does make dealing with forums on mobile devices so much better, still, if you want people to struggle, or not use the forum ;^p ~S
  5. Thanks, I'm not sure how I missed that thread.
  6. Seriously, There's only two of us that would find this really useful?
  7. No, I don't have any problem with it not being pre-drilled, I'm perfectly happy to do it myself. I was just curious to see/read what others had done. I'm not planning to pen test any submarines at full depth from the outside (or the inside for that matter), so not overly worried about keeping the case air tight LOL ~S
  8. Doh! So bloody obvious, why didn't that cross my mind? Thanks Mate ;^> ~S
  9. Hi All I got my Mk.V and elite kit the other day (cost thirty quid on duty, but that can't be helped), I was a little surprised that the antenna holes were not pre-drilled, but that's fine as I can pick where I want them myself. And this is where the problem started, give me free range on something and I'll over think it LOL Initially I was just going to just bung a hole in each side and that's that, but then I started thinking about the lan connector, and the power, if I'm putting holes in the case I may as well do the job right. What have other people done, what connectors go though the case (and where), and which don't, and why? ~S
  10. Hi All, I'm sure I'm missing something really obvious here, but I can't get dnsspoof to redirect. I've added google.com bing.com to the Hosts tab and hit save, but when I go to bing on my phone, it shows bing as if nothing is happening. the window says dnsspoof is both installed and enabled. I'm connected via wlan0 it just doesn't do anything, what am I missing? ~S
  11. Hi All Is there any chance of adding Tapatalk suport to the forum? I use it for several forums on my phone, and find it so much better than trying to use a web interface. I'm sure I'm not the only person here who would find it amazingly useful to use this forum on the move. I'm not in anyway connected with Tapatalk, other than I love the software. ~S
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