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  1. The issue appears to fundamentally be all the following combined: Insufficient beta testing Insufficient regression testing Insuffient UAT testing Poor communication of residual issues Poor communication of residual issue fix roadmap Too much hyperbole about an update that's going to cripple your pineapple unit. I have three pineapple units including nano and tetra- none workas advertised.
  2. Same experience here on the functionality of the product. Such a shame. Product testing- UAT etc. Seems to have been left out of the development cycle. My Tetra is just an ornament to what might have been. On my third Pineaple product- none works as advertised. My $45 deauther in wrist watch form is far better to death- like it does it when I set it to do so πŸ˜‰ Radical huh.
  3. Getting the product to work as advertised would be a great start. Moving from concept to usable, dependable and effective production class tool would be my greatest wish.
  4. Sadly, yes. To cut a long explanation short, I had to re-image / rebuild the firmware. There is a link in the Tetra forum. Has anyone seen a Tetra in fully functional state?
  5. Why does HAK5 release firmware that cripples the tetra? I have a project that depended upon the good name and reputation of Hak5and Darren K. - and the Tetra.The project is commercial and not a pastime hobby play around. It's now in hold whilst we find and alternative to the Tetra or Hak5 fix what's broken
  6. New Tetra? If only we can get the old one fully functional first.
  7. Yes, many issues after a bloatware / boil-the-ocean firmware update that fixed a bunch of stuff and ruined many other things. My Tetra and nano are just technical curiosities with pokey antennas gathering dust. Regression testing 2.6.2 would have revealed the issues. The "super excited" should have perhaps stepped into the toes of those who use the kit in real-world assignments. "Super concerned" might have been a better state of mind before releasing the back breaking denial of use firmware. believe me, I am a fan of the tech from Hak 5 but I think the QA and exit criteria for firmware release seems to have been severely absent. Options to fix your issue? The usual factory reset and load up a previous firmware release that was not so 'back breaking' 😏
  8. The live option is one of those issues created by bloated firmware 'fixes' that fixes stuff and ruins stuff due to the apparent absence of regression testing of modules. This makes the pineapple unusable in real world deployment as opposed to tinkering with an expensive technical curiosity. Pity
  9. Live will not work. The scan does happen- only you need to load the recorded scan. So, stop the scan and then click on load
  10. I cannot get mail to work on Tetra firmware 2.6.2 πŸ™„
  11. Same here. I am on an IPAD running safari.
  12. Seems Recon ( under 2.6.2) is now not showing live updates during scan, but is writing to file - I was guided by to this solution. That's better than nothing.
  13. Ok. Just fired up the Tetra. Will give it a go now.
  14. Ok. So I run a Recon. After a while it shows nothing. I stop the scan.. It says nothing found. No errors are shown. My screen shows nothing. How is that working?
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