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  1. Yes, many issues after a bloatware / boil-the-ocean firmware update that fixed a bunch of stuff and ruined many other things. My Tetra and nano are just technical curiosities with pokey antennas gathering dust. Regression testing 2.6.2 would have revealed the issues. The "super excited" should have perhaps stepped into the toes of those who use the kit in real-world assignments. "Super concerned" might have been a better state of mind before releasing the back breaking denial of use firmware. believe me, I am a fan of the tech from Hak 5 but I think the QA and exit criteria for firmware release seems to have been severely absent. Options to fix your issue? The usual factory reset and load up a previous firmware release that was not so 'back breaking' 😏
  2. The live option is one of those issues created by bloated firmware 'fixes' that fixes stuff and ruins stuff due to the apparent absence of regression testing of modules. This makes the pineapple unusable in real world deployment as opposed to tinkering with an expensive technical curiosity. Pity
  3. Live will not work. The scan does happen- only you need to load the recorded scan. So, stop the scan and then click on load
  4. I cannot get mail to work on Tetra firmware 2.6.2 🙄
  5. Same here. I am on an IPAD running safari.
  6. Seems Recon ( under 2.6.2) is now not showing live updates during scan, but is writing to file - I was guided by to this solution. That's better than nothing.
  7. Ok. Just fired up the Tetra. Will give it a go now.
  8. Ok. So I run a Recon. After a while it shows nothing. I stop the scan.. It says nothing found. No errors are shown. My screen shows nothing. How is that working?
  9. I am not 'super excited' about firmware releases that seem to want to 'boil the ocean' and end up crippling or disabling fundamental functionality. Incremental bug fixing in smaller releases that have undergone component, system, factory and UAT test phases would result in more stable firmware releases. On the eve of a real client assignment, my Tetra has effectively been disabled by a textbook 2.6.2 firmware upgrade that went without a hitch but left the Recon function dead- scans and finds nothing. So, today I am resorting to android store app to discover wifi devices - on my phone. Seriously?
  10. I have same issue with my TETRA. The Recon module detects nothing - on the eve of a client site assignment. Shouldn't more rigorous testing be done before each firmware Release? My upgrade to 2.6.2 went according to instructions with no reported issues.
  11. I am still trying to get the Nano working with 3G/4G modem. No issue getting internet access but now need to enable remote access to the Nano GUI interface. I think I can do this with the following SSH? Can any one pint out any issues with the below?
  12. Seems Port forwarding is not possible on E353, so it appears the mission cannot be a accomplished with the E353. We only need one or two 3G / 4G USB dongle models that can be shown to actually work in full with the Nano - I.e fulfill the following simple basic mission: Allocate a useable LAN IP address to the Nano Set the LAN Network IP address as default gateway Provide internet access to connected Nano evil AP clients / targets Allow Forwarding of port 22 to Namo to enable remote SSH access to the Nano GUI interface from the internet I suspect that if Hak5 had one or two universally available 3G/4G USB dongles (confirmed to fulfill the above mission) on sale in its shop, they would fly off the shelf. Does anyone know of a 3G/4G USB dongle that can fulfil the above mission? I am still persevering with my E8372 managed modem 😏
  13. Thank you. In this case I am glad to be proven wrong. Thanks for the 'light' reading 😁 I would be grateful if you could please confirm that the E353 can Allocate an IP address to the Nano Set the Network IP address as default gateway Provide internet access Allow Forwarding of port 22 to enable remote access to the Nano from the internet. After watching HAK5 videos and scanning forum posts I have purchased (and therefore wasted time and money on) Huawei E3372 and E8372 - neither appears capable of achieving the (very basic) mission above. the E8372 (as a managed modem/ wifi router) gets close but the public IP address changes every few seconds. The same SIM card in the E3372 manages to have a public IP address that does not 'jitter' but cannot forward Port 22. Thank you again for replying- hopefully I can achieve the above 4 point mission and share this with the many other Nano users.
  14. Seems that there's not a single 3G/4G USB dongle that works with Nano. Disappointing.
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