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  1. Afaik, devices call back via auto ssh on port 2022. the web interface is just for you to control everything. I too have a problem with a similar config though, but with my TETRA. I am also using c2 behind an NGINX reverse proxy with HTTPS. For me The TETRA connects back fine (via ssh), but Terminal wont work properly. When i select it I just get a double disconnected error message in the window. Disconnected. Disconnected. And on my VPS I get the following error message. [*] Initializing Hak5 Cloud C2 [*] Running Hak5 Cloud C2 2018/12/24 12:40:02
  2. No problem mate, We all have off days ;D Thanks for your reply too.
  3. Hey @patient0 Sorry if I came across rude. I wasn't trying to make you flame. (Hadn't had my morning coffee ;D) You make some perfeclty valid points imho, and I felt similar frustration when I first got my TETRA. As it stands though I recommend buying an alternative battery pack/mains supply that will output 12v using the barrel connector. Then reinstall firmware from scratch and always make sure to power the device off via the web interface first before unplugging the battery. I'm using a Anker Astro3 10000mAh Multi-voltage 5V / 9V / 12V Battery Pack that allows me to char
  4. Many of the threads new people start in this forum (not all though) are related to three main issues I believe. These are 'Operator Error' type problems in part. Not something Seb can just 'fix' with a patch in most cases. 1. The TETRA is VERY power hungry. Especially when running certain modules. 2. The two battery packs shipped with the TETRA are really pretty poor and even when used as directed don't perform reliably (ie. together on 4xUSB to uart & eth ports using BOTH y-cables). 3. Power cycling without properly shutting down the device via the web interface can easily
  5. Great Module. Followed the videos using all the infusions/module together and it works great against Win10. Are you planning to make any videos showcasing building payloads for android/OSX? also, people should make sure they power the NANO/TETRA adequately while doing any setup work involving copying/moving/extracting etc of files. I was getting image linking errors after cloning sites until I swapped my TETRA over to mains power. So could be something to consider for some cases.
  6. Was having similar power issues. DHL just delivered the extra PSU. USA plug type :D but I can live with that. I'm in the UK but couldn't wait for the EU shop to have the TETRA in stock. So I can't complain :P Plus, it came with a super awsome wifipinapple logo sticker. Thanks Darren +1
  7. Just had to recover my "Lan Turetle" hadn't used it in a while and forgot/accidentally deleted the root password from my password manager DOH! This made me smile though, so had to share ..
  8. I ordered from the Hakshop and it only took 3 days to arrive in the UK (Gloucestershire). It was a bit pricey on the shipping. But I really wanted a Hak5 Mug and sticker pack too :D Anyway... so far I've run through all 7 of Darren's LanTurtle videos, as well as setting up OpenVPN Server on a linode VPS (as seen in Hak5 a few episodes ago). I can confirm my LT works flawlessly as per Darren's Tutorials, and I really like the ease of configuration when is comes the setting up RSA Keys, SSHFS & OpenVPN. The team have really created a cracking little piece of PenTest Tech at a non-premium
  9. Been away for a while...But now I'm back XD

  10. I've had so much Raspberry Pi today it's given me a belly ache XD

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