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  1. http://www.dealextreme.com/p/2wd-arduino-ultrasonic-smart-car-kits-128971 Thinking of buying that to learn, any advice on tuts or way to learn?
  2. thank you so much, how far can you go with the old pineapple up to version 2? Build is missing from that tut page build-pineapple.zip MD5: C5D90DB48E511F8AEF4FDFBCA7E3CF38 leads to http://www.twitterph...d-pineapple.zip
  3. So i was board at work and found a bunch of duracell instant charger for cheap. So i bought 8 of them for the hell of it. I was thinking what could i do with these besides power my phone and i remembered i had an old fon router with jasager on it. Though i would get it to power the router and i can use it on the go. So i pull out the router and get it to work of the battery, now the problem is the fon will not give an ip address nor ssid, so i am thinking i need to flash it. I was wondering if anyone could link me to the old pinned topic that was a tutorial on how to install jasager, and had all the files you needed. Or any ideas on how to fix this, but i rather start from the beginning.
  4. Can you turn the old fon pineapples into mark 3 or is the fon missing something?
  5. Are you talking about the segment; its out just not showing on the site
  6. are you allowed to use a hex editor and do it yourself?
  7. Anyone play payday the heist? http://store.steampowered.com/app/24240/ Great game btw
  8. not hacking but kinda is cell phone forensic you can do a lot of cool stuff http://www.dfinews.com/mobile-devices
  9. look at katana http://www.hackfromacave.com/katana.html
  10. I have a background in Cisco just don't remeber all commands and all, i can't get into the accademy page since i graduated back in 08' Just need some meterial or labs for refreshal; im practicing in packet tracing.
  11. Entering a competition to learn and have fun not really to win; what it is, is a security competition. Where you set up a network and you are being attack and you try to maintain it. Just starting out in it so dont know that much; but wondering where to go to learn alot about network security?
  12. what language is iphones app programed in; were they not java before. Anyways tought of an awesome simple app and want to make it.
  13. i honestly was think the same thing but with an iphone app lol this would be awesome; i got pulled over once for speeding 112mph in 65, but he let me off easy thank god $12 ticket gave me somthing that was stupid lol.
  14. Rip Steve Jobs apple will never be the same
  15. lol i have an ssid around me called WhiteSurveillanceVan
  16. This is awesome going to take a look at it now; i wish i had some time to work with one, but to many projects at the moment. May try this latter down the road.
  17. ok ill try those programs, hopefully this works cleanly
  18. I want to do a fresh install of Windows but dont want to go through the hassle of reinstalling all of the drivers; mainly due to i have no dvd drive or the dvd's with me. I think i remember in one of the episodes where they showed you a way with a certain application on how to do that? Any one know what the application was or the most least annoying way of doing this.
  19. yea thats what i meant it was 4 am and no sleep kinda get out of it but ill see if thoese sites have it
  20. Any online cracker for sha-256 or tools built into backtrack 4 for this? Thanks
  21. i can tell you what it is doing it about to start a fire
  22. This is the one i bought Lonk works fine with backtrack 4 only problem is i use it for about 10 hours it gets hot then the signal drops some.
  23. been playing Bfbc2 and Css on steam alot lately But Cod MW3 and Bfbc3 should be out soon
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