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  1. I was wondering if there were any other router like the pineapple that have two physical wireless cards. Darren seems to indicate that there are other router out the that could be used besides the pineapple but he is using them just because that is what he has around.
  2. Ok let's say that the wiring is good there are two breakers and 1000ft of wire. Would it work? What about 2000ft of wire?
  3. Any one have any experience with power line network setups. What I'm interested in is the maximum range. I don't need a super fast link either. The adapters would be on the same 110v leg of the breaker box.
  4. The windows box is running an NTRIP caster/server to upload RTK base station corrections. There are a few linux versions out there but I haven't had a whole lot of luck with them. Here is a link to what I'm using now. http://lefebure.com/software/ntripcaster/
  5. I am running an older that has windows xp installed on it as a webserver of sorts. It runs one program that streams data on port 5000. Other than that the computer is not for anything. My question is what do I need to do when support for xp ends? I have looked for some linux alternatives to the software but haven't found any. Should I upgrade to windows 7 or will this computer still be secure?
  6. I have a question about how a ddwrt repeater with multiple antennas works. I have a metal building and want to put a directional antennas on the outside and hook it to a ddwrt router set up as a repeater inside. I tried it with an old wrt54g but it didn't work as expected. I was wondering if a router that supported mimo would improve this setup and make it work as expected.
  7. The odd thing about it is that when I run on port 22 everything works great. Only time I can't connect is when I tried a none standard port. I guess they do like tunneling. I'm guessing that like you said 80 or 443 would work too. Could be using a proxy haven't really checked into it. School, university, and college are all used interchangeably where I'm from (Western Kansas very rural location in the states)
  8. That's what I would do but when i'm at school I can't connect unless the server is running on port 22. It's something with their stuff because I ran on a different port for several years and never had a problem connecting. I'm using the key method to login. I just wanted to make sure that I had everything taken care of. I would rather run on a non-standard port but I'm not sure that is an option. Thanks for the info everyone.
  9. I was wondering if it would be secure to run ssh on port 22 on a ddwrt router. I'm using a key not a password for login. Right now i'm running it on port 2223 but I think i'm running into firewall issues at my university. I can't connect to my ssh server on port 2223 but I can connect to another on that is running on port 22. I'm wondering what port I should change to.
  10. Depending on how much you know about linux hostapd could be a good option. It takes a little bit of work to get set up but it does work. You have to get hostapd installed, have dhcp3-server installed and set up (not required but is nice), and get your iptables set up. (edit) Read your post a little closer and if your only wanting to connect a few devices you wouldn't need a dhcp server. Can you use airmon-ng to set your internal wifi to moniter mode? if airmon-ng does work with you internal wifi here is what you could do 1. connect to a wifi access point with your computer using the longer range ALFA card and then start your vpn 2. set up a wireless access point using hostapd and you internal wifi The routing would be the most important thing here if you want your phones wifi traffic to go through the vpn. I don't know a whole lot about the routing but I have set up access point like i have describe using hostapd.
  11. Ya i'm starting to think that that would be the way to go too. Thanks for the input.
  12. I've considered that but I would like to try some client based ideas first.
  13. What email client are you guys using? I use gmail but my parents have an email account that you have to use a client with. The account gets a large amount of spam. Right now I have thunderbird set up but i'm looking for ideas on the email spam. Needs to be able to run on a windows computer.
  14. Thanks for the links. I should be able to find something that works.
  15. I know C++ and have worked a fair amount of shell scripts. I've played with python and visual basic some. I'm not opposed to learning something new I just needing some ideas of where to get started with something like this. Shell scripts are nice but i want do see if I can make myself something with a gui.
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