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  1. I thought I was tech savvy. I always hang up on those bogus calls we all get. But happens if your elderly and you don’t know any better. Well some youtubers are capturing these scams on video and it’s very enlightening. I’d like to hear from some Hak5 people about how they could combat these criminals. Is it possible to pawn the scammers machines? Here are some links. https://youtu.be/wWyMH6z5s9s https://youtu.be/0CBL3rS1ZKs https://youtu.be/U9onI0MzmuI https://youtu.be/d446rCau-Q8 https://youtu.be/YFr3-3DIMGc
  2. @Epiphone Are you kidding? You took off the Biggsby and cut the price $100? Looks like a $250 guitar to me.

  3. H & R Block has a head that not only amplifies a guitar, it shreds confidential documents that pop out of the from… https://t.co/qtaYQ35Rtv

  4. RT @jyrkikontio: Musopia mullistaa musabisnestä ja auttaa kaikkia soittamaan @MusopiaApps https://t.co/fnvsCQyBut

  5. https://t.co/3at7VONzyx I really love this guitar ee oke app. Check it out!

  6. RT @realDonaldTrump: And the FAKE NEWS winners are... https://t.co/59G6x2f7fD

  7. @realDonaldTrump What about the Obamacare no insurance penalties. The new tax bill says we have to still pay that… https://t.co/4v0chNmcBg

  8. Franklin Metal 22 BD Original https://t.co/4q6gljKDnZ

  9. RT @realDonaldTrump: Why is the United States Post Office, which is losing many billions of dollars a year, while charging Amazon and other…

  10. RT @Epiphone: The Amazing Tale of Epi Stathopoulo: Founder of Epiphone and the Guitar Wizard of Manhattan. Read the story at: https://t.co/…

  11. RT @realDonaldTrump: No American should be separated from their loved ones because of preventable crime committed by those illegally in our…

  12. RT @AppleTV: Everything you watch. All in one place. Apple TV App, now with Prime Video. https://t.co/M3wZmL80iH

  13. OMG CAT REALY! https://t.co/LB1qKl7HDS

  14. Great NYC musician with a great set of musicians check it out Box of Light - EP by Liah Alonso https://t.co/xG8DQY1YF7

  15. Wireless high end headphones no wire hookhead like a dog on a leash. Look no farther. https://t.co/DpZmxLeAQh https://t.co/FsPMkdnhrO

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