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  1. Hey didn't see you here until now! Welcome! What about a thread for the lamerz who come around asking us to hack for them! Remember that crazy Detroit woman? Followed my friend into some forums and then tried to get me and several other people to hack that password so crazy woman could wipe out all the evidence saved in some other forum. Did you hear about that? It seems the psycho keeps posting about this forum after she was caught posing as herself (chuckles) and it makes for some really warped reading. http://catkick.livejournal.com/ ... Yeah catkick, kathryn, whatever she calls herself. She should really see a shrink! Oh man, dude, dead people tell her things! Dead famous dudes! But really when using the lame excuse that someone MUST HAVE posed as her, and that doesn't seem to change reality, then go for the "a dead rock star told me so!" and see if that line works! Btw, who is Dirk? Is he a hacker? If he read those posts on crazy woman's livejournal, he must be laughing his lungs out! As of posting this, the crazy woman has had her posts removed or she removed them so anyone stumbling onto this won't know what I'm referencing here. But it was there at one time. Sorry didn't catch it sooner.
  2. C-S-B

    Phone Upgrade

    N900 Linux > N97 Symbian.
  3. I run Iodine on my WRT54g and have successfully tunnelled from netbook and N900. I had to set a lower mtu to get an ssh connection. Not had any trouble yet but I don't use it all that frequently with HSPDA access being much faster.
  4. You can install dns tunneling software on the wrt though. I run iodine on my under DD-WRT but it comes with the nstx daemon by default.
  5. C-S-B

    Phone Upgrade

    The community will port meego, maemo is stable and being updated. There are threads discussing the meego situation. If you want a real hackers phone that is functional for day to day use then there is no other option.
  6. C-S-B

    Phone Upgrade

    I roll with a Nokia N900. It uses a proper linux distro and you can install apps and do as you please and don't have to wrestle with your device to get root. Neopwn is coming soon which will give you backtrack in a hanheld device.
  7. That's a big ask. There was a recent show on Hak5 introducing the many features of Metasploit. Try looknig at the readme and using the app. That's the best way to learn. Chances are, most of the computers you might want to 'pwn' will be patched beyond the exploitable versions in MSF so if you're hoping for some point and click action, you'll no doubt be disapointed. It does however have many great features that are useful for breaching security but is best used in conjunction with many other tools. Go get Backtrack 4 and play.
  8. http://home.eunet.no/pnordahl/ntpasswd/
  9. My comment stilll stands, if you can run the JTAG hack, you can obtain or create new ODD key from Linux. As long as you have a box not fully updated you can exploit it. Jungle flasher is pretty click and go but I've never had any luck with it. I prefer dosflasher, CLI FTW.
  10. With the JTAG exploit, you could create a new/dump the old DVD key. If you don't have the latest bootloader on your box that is.
  11. This article is what you want. PXE booting to install Windows with open source tools. http://www.linuxjournal.com/article/10410
  12. C-S-B

    Decrypt Hex

    If you even want to begin being a 'hax0r' then basic computing theory is a must. Go read a book.
  13. C-S-B

    Decrypt Hex

    Convert from base 16 to base 10 could be a start.
  14. I second this, Truecrypt is ok for windows users but the linux kernel does well enough with encryption using dm crypt. You don't need install anything extra and it's better integrated.
  15. Yes that should work, but I would try on a connection that doesn't have a proxy server or massive firewall prohibiting your connections first. Bare in mind that the tunnel you are creating needs you configure your browser/application to use a socks proxy for it to be any use. Generally, proxy servers keep 443 open and don't interfere. I'm tunneling this connection I'm on now through port 443 to an ssh server through a proxied connection. P.S. use putty as your ssh client.
  16. plink -N -D 443 name@host -P 443 This is the one you want(assuming host==address of your outward facing IP), this would give you a socks proxy on Then you can surf the interwebs from your browser(given that you have set up your browser correctly.) An easier solution would be to just run the SSH server on your DD-WRT router, that just requires a tick box and a password then you can access any internal services with port forwarding including freeSSHd on your desktop. Also your external port doesn't have to be the same as your internal port you are forwarding to. So you could leave ssh running on 22 for internal connections and forward requests on 443 to 22.\ Your outward facing IP is going to change and that's where dyndns comes in handy. http://www.dd-wrt.com/wiki/index.php/DDNS_..._inadyn_-_HOWTO That link has all you need to know.
  17. DD is your friend. http://wiki.linuxquestions.org/wiki/Dd_rescue
  18. Adhoc over 802.11 wifi would be alot easier, any reason you can't do that?
  19. I have insults turned on in my bash, so I'd be a little suspicious if it returned 'Sorry, try again'. I'm used to and deserve some verbal abuse if i get my passwd wrong.
  20. 110mb is good for free hosting.
  21. No problems and yes, you did.
  22. It looks incredibly much like you are using the number one instead of a lowercase L. I find cout << "Hello there!\n"; easier to read.
  23. I used this technique for my mothers AAO, it works fine if you don't have a usb cd-rom drive to hand and you can expect some pretty quick installation times (well for xp anyway). A caveats to watch for though-sometimes XP, in all it's wisdom installs itself with d: as root, not a functional issue but untidy. I also found I had to do another install over XP using the i386 folder in order to get a clean installation free of problems. Maybe you could do a segment on this as it's possible and very useful for an admin and possible with the AAO and most other netbooks: Utilising PXE booting, Freedos and a SAMBA share, you can do a complete network install of XP using open source tools. If needed, I'm sure I could write something up going into greater detail, incorporating LTSP for instant Ubuntu action over a network. However, I'd recommend just dropping XP from the AAO. Ubuntu is all I have on mine and I've never had any issue or need for XP.
  24. Right click empty space in you bar > add to panel > notification area.
  25. I actually swapped out my atheros on my AAO with a broadcom based wifi card when I was testing Mac Osx (concluded it's rubbish and sticking with Linux) Anyhow, I use the B43 driver perfectly well for aircrack and it's connection is stable.
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