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  1. I am working on a project where I need to attack a host without the use of the keyboard as a starting point. I.E opening the run command to start powershell to run a script. I was wondering if anyone knew of any payloads that would mount say a server on the Ethernet gadget and then automatically run against a host. So far I have found nothing like this. Thank you.
  2. what does the community think of the Ananonabox that is coming out? https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/augustgermar/anonabox-a-tor-hardware-router it seems promising but i have heard some bad things how its just a router that has more ram on it and the creator is leaving it for devs to finish. could we create our own project?
  3. if your using this software you are not that good at diagnosing and repairing computers. you have to understand the fundamentals of how they work. if you get a BSOD, does it have a file associated with it? or is it just a generic BSOD. using windows crash dump analysis you can get to the root cause of software BSOD's a lot of BSODs are caused by either hardware issues such as bad HDD or bad RAM. if those check out fine then start looking at a virus infestation. all of the programs that you are looking at basically take common sense and package it into a yes/no question system.
  4. thanks for the great replies so essentially i want to expand the storage one drive at a time. im perfecly fine with 1 TB HDD. they are cheap now and if i bought like 10 it would be nice to know that i can just add the drive to the raid and have that expanded storage. so for example. 3 1 TB drives in a raid 5, offers about 1.8 TB storage. i just want to be able to add the drive to the raid, click rebuild, and have that extra space added, turning it into a 4 1TB drive raid 5 without having data lost or having to backup the raid array how does the drobo expand on the fly, if they can do it we should be able to as well edit (to add stuff) to spardas comment, what is md. did you mean microsoft? and also does rebuilding the array destroy the data? i am just frustrated because i have 4 hot swap racks that i have the 3 HDD mounted into and i would like to use the 4th bay, but if i have to backup 1.5 TB of data to expand my raid, i may as well just build a 2nd raid and Xfer the data over. thanks for the link to openfiler, ill give it a shot and see how it performs! im just suprised that expandibility is not built into RAID
  5. hello all, i was curious as to if anyone knows of a good software to use that allows on the fly expandability while allowing for data redundancy. i am IT for a small business who is outgrowing their current 500 GB limit on a raid 5 setup using freenas unfortunately freenas does not allow the addition of drives to a raid on the fly. you have to back up the data and rebuild the raid, which sort of defeats the purpose of the NAS. i am looking at using ZFS as my file system for the new raid, and as far as i know if i wanted to add storage, i would have to make identical virtual drives and then add them to the pool, so lets say i had 3 1 TB drives in a raidZ, and i wanted to expand that storage, i would have to add a 2nd 3 1TB drive raid and then add it to the pool. is there any good NAS software out there that will just let me add a drive to a raid and be done with it? thanks in advance!
  6. Darkmist!


    your the reason why little old ladies lose their houses to scammers because they are too trusting. GTFO and go give a blowjob to a handgun while your at it.
  7. well the things not even released to the public yet for purchase. so all i can do is look and dream. but if it only has wifi support for broadcasting the signal to the iphone then without replacing hardware you would have to capture that signal and tunnel it to the phone
  8. VaKo, as always great response, i think im set for the nexus one. i heard a rumor that they will be releasing the nexus one on verizon within the month. im really looking forward to it.
  9. www.Grc.com/passwords BAM notice how the PC tools software doesnt do an encrypted tunnel to you. someone could sniff what is being presented and try to use them against you whereas GRC uses SSL to keep it private
  10. i would say put Dban in the system CD tray and set the computer to boot from the CD. see if there is a way to include a script that runs autonuke so if you sense you are in danger then you just need to restart the system and walk away.
  11. Digip you never fail to impress. thanks for the quick response. yeah i love the fact that i can overclock the phone and put open source apps on it. im happy with my blackberry but i want to go one step further in staying connected to my home network. im currently living at a house where we are house sitting for 2 years and if a server goes offline or something happens at the home i wanna be able to see it without paying for an IP based camera system. im working on having a computer in each room that is important with a webcam that is always recording while im gone. but having a stream to my house out to the world is not something i want. only through the magic of SSH will i see the cameras. i do not fully trust the family of the home owners (the owners themselves being in china).
  12. hello everyone. i currently have a blackberry curve and i am looking to upgrade my phone to something that will allow me to do more. i like the nexus phone as its powered by the android OS. i want something that will allow me to SSH into my home servers and manage them remotely. i know on the G1 there was an app for this purpose and so there should be one for the nexus one. i was just curious what the Hak5 community thought about this phone and if they had any suggestions on a different phone thanks in advance
  13. Hello my fellow Hak5 friends i am in the market for some new wifi cards for my laptops i have 1 PCMCIA slot and one PCMCIA express slot avaliable on my various laptops. what is the favorite cards that are fully operable within backtrack for packet injection and the like im looking for something inconspicuous as well as something very noticable. one will be for public testing and one will be for long distance (i.e. an antenne with a dish on it) i have been using old school belkin PCMCIA cards that have an atheros chipset but looking to expand any tips/suggestions would be sweet thanks!
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