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  1. you might wanna try going into the disk manager and formatting it that way. do you get the U3 system CD-ROM showing up in "My Computer" when you insert the flash drive?
  2. BENQ VAD6038 Xbox 360 DVD Drive is my drive, and I have the drive completely out of the system, and out of it's case, and it still won't open all the way or close all the way
  3. ok, i am going to have to get a new drive, so as long as i get the key off the old, which i can still do, then it doesn't matter what kind of drive i get? and re-flashing the firmware will allow me to play burnt games as well. did i get all that right?
  4. All the sites i went to about flashing my firmware said that my particular drive didnt have a firmware download available, so i didn't have the file to flash it with. and my drive just wont open all the way or close all the way, my friend told me it's prolly the servos, I'm not a hardware person, so i don't know.
  5. I didn't whether to put this in gaming or here but it's a question so i put in here. anyway, I was trying to mod my 360, come to find out i can't just simply re-flash the firmware on my optical drive, so i put it back together and now my optical drive is broken.... I know i can order a new one from some 3rd party stores and such, but i figured since im going to have to buy a new optical drive anyway i might as well get a drive that i can re-flash the firmware on and mod like i was trying to to begin with, so my question is if it is even possible to put a different type of optical drive into a 360 other than the type it came with? I looked all over the web for info on this but i can't find anything about putting a different kind of optical drive into it. Or if anyone knows of a site i can buy a modded optical drive from, that would work as well. Thanks in advance
  6. Thanks for your time everyone... My friend told that it was offensive computing when he saw he remembered. But all the other sites had some interesting things on them thanks for those as well
  7. I hadn't decided what kind of virus I need just yet but my friend told me that this site had lots of them to download, and that they were for Anti-virus stuff or something.
  8. I need to download a virus (sounds funny saying that) that I can run at a later date. I ask a friend and he told me about a site that had a lot of viruses in .ZIP format so they wouldn't infect anything until you unzipped them. He couldn't remember the site and told me to ask around on here.
  9. My friends dad who is computer retarded once dropped a new tower on the ground and knocked the CPU fan loose. As a result of this it would turn off before windows could boot and he thought it was fried because he could hear it rattling around in the box... He told my friend to get rid of it and i got a new tower for free ( it cost him $900) and all i had to do was put the fan back in place
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