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  1. The amount of times I have made that typo is retarded.
  2. OK, Although i only got into hak5 regularly as of season 3 onwards but as some one who has watched every episode of hak5 I can say that the show has changed a lot. And not with the levels of skill shown on screen but the professionalism of the production has grown it's not to my taste but I watch it non the less. I do think the skill level of the show has gone down with Hak5 joining Rev3, I think that is down to the short time frame that they have to film a episode I do however think that perhaps they could drop down to two episodes a month and bring it back up or at least try to film some m
  3. I am looking for some fun apps to try over the new year with the embedded bluetooth card in my macbook, can any one recommend any?
  4. That was the funyest thing i have seen all day.
  5. Every time i see one of them web site worth evaluators I enter google.com in just for giggles and so far i have seen 2 of them crash my browser and one saying "You got to be kidding!" an another saying "Woops" but this one gave me the figure of $1.2 billion.
  6. Evil server can kiss my large white ass I aint scared of him.
  7. god from them pic's darren it's easy to see that evil server has taken a pounding over the last few years, all battered an discoloration maybe time to upgrade him or atleast drive a stake through his processor in the middle of the night an start again.
  8. Oh yes, got me a hamachi vpn set up.
  9. digip, you sir are a credit to the internet.
  10. Hey guy's. I tend to use my macbook when I am on my travels but I just landed a contract administrating some guy's servers remotely, now when at home I can just boot up vista an use the remote desktop client but when I am not at home an I need to do something I will normally be on my mac. Can any one recommend a utility that will give me remote desktop to a windows based server OS or am I going to have to use Bootcamp an get a copy of vista on my macbook? I would ideally like it to be free but if i have to pay I will. Cheers, Chris.
  11. I was in maplins the other day (UK's radio shack) an they had a netbook for about £150 I am hoping that they have them in next week when i get paid as I am gona get down there after work on friday an buy one or two (one to hack to death an another for a backup or a ell cheep'o laptop that i don't mind if it gets batterd about). If thats not there i might get the aspire one, funny thing i have noticed is the netbooks with real hard drives come preloaded with windows rather than linux (which i would prefare).
  12. Oh come on, this is retarded there is thread already about snubs, There is a women on a Hacking IPTV show!!! live with it there women out there who are not stupid, attractive and into tech there is no need for you to act like a bunch of over stimulated fucktards because of it.
  13. Hey guy's, I have a 1st gen touch with the 2.0 firmware I just in the last half hour jailbreaked an I am on the look for some app's most importantly Aircrack, has any one got it running on the ipod yet? Cheers, Saxon.
  14. What is the draw of second life? I tried it out an found it boring as hell. An I have suffered from MMORPG addiction back in 2000 with Ultima Online, (I played napper vally under the name of Mr.Bong if any one here played it) Most of my time for a good 9 mont period when I wasnt on duty was spent on there to the detriment of my job at the time. Thank god I had one hell of a Officer above me who just kicked me in the balls an said "Staff Chadwick no more Ultima for you"
  15. I am on the XXL package, thing is I never encouted speed capping at all so it must be either something new OR something they mustn't monitor that much because as far as I know it's only me an one neighbor that has Virgin in round 65 / 70 houses in my close so after that I am not to sure.
  16. I am on Virgin Media they have the speed I want an no fiar use pollacy as far as i know, I downloaded every linux distro I could find once (even the legacy ones) and I didn't encounter a fair use cap. Oh an before you ask I was downloading them to give to the local library when they where trying to start up a IT sharing program, which faild when some scumbags broke into the store room an stole all the equipment.
  17. digininja you work fast, congrats man this looks very interesting an I can't wait to get a fon an try this myself.
  18. I think a hack 5 laptop bag would be cool - maybe even some kind of Hak5 lunch box or dare i say it a Hak5 hand warmer.
  19. Am I the first to think Robo penis?
  20. Honestly I would have gone to this if i was a community member much sooner an had a little more notice. Have a good time guys.
  21. Are we goning to be seeing Geeks gone wild pictures here? Drunken stumbles around berlin looking for a kebab shop open at 3am? Only stopping to pwnt a network along the way :P
  22. A fan art thing would be cool, lots of various stuff like back grounds / sigs an avatars an a place to show off photo shop skills.
  23. Hell I am up for it - any one in the liverpool area keep a eye out for green chalk an floors an walls. :D EDIT: Any one got a idea where i can find a full list of symbols? there has to be more than the 3 that keep showing up on google...
  24. I wonder what hacks can be done with it, oh an a side note I cant wait till the price is jacked up in the UK to well over £100
  25. To be honest I don't see a problem with the guy's an gals of Hak5 making a buck or two from the show they spend there time educating an informing us and they hake kept the show funny and on track. Some of the shows out there or live casts are either boring after a while OR just plain stupid. The Hak5 old timers might not like the new style but I see most of the orginal shows reflected in the new ones just better done, personally the outdoors segments in the original show seemed a little unplanned compared to Darrens weird WiFi pineapple segment. And Moobix recovered a newer version of Malte
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