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  1. sometimes i just pop onto newgrounds audio portal and listen to the user submitted techno, and trance. theres some really good stuff on there and free to download.
  2. its much more than ahhhhhhhhhh *drums* ahhhhhhhh lol. listen to the lyrical meaning of songs.. you have to develop an ear for it.. but yeah i like lupe fiasco and rise against and rage against the machine as well.. i like all music
  3. hell yeah i killed the prom queen eternal lord all shall perish black dahlia murder parkway drive as blood runs black
  4. if you have the money, id suggest buying a dongle, heres a list of cards and dongles that work right out of the box, and those who will work with special configuration. I have a Hawking HWUG1 with a high grade antenna attachment It uses the rt73 driver and a ralink chipset.. injection and monitor mode work fine compatible card and dongle list http://backtrack.offensive-security.com/in...hp/HCL:Wireless
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