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  1. Not really. The OS X kernel is based on the BSD kernel, but the BSDs do not have many of the requirements to run Cocoa apps. Most importantly, FreeBSD and the like do not have Aqua, OS X's graphical environment, so you would be unable to run apps that require it. However, many of the CLI apps have have been ported to and from Darwin, so you should be able to install many of the same command line apps that Mac users can.
  2. bmwracer0


    Has anyone had positive experience with Medusa? Seems really slow for me. If so, what protocol were you testing, and how complicated were the passwords? Any advice?
  3. Does anyone have any Fon Promo codes? They had one not too long ago that allowed for free shipping. Anything current?
  4. any chance any of those have an "easy to use" gui?
  5. Yeah, I am using Ubuntu. What is the best bot to use? Egg drop? Thanks!
  6. bmwracer0


    I want to start my own irc channel/server. I have a domain, what do I have to do to set one up? Whats the easiest bot to use/configure for the channel? I can't seem to find any good tutorials. Thanks!
  7. I have demonoid invites...looking for HDbits if anyone has one...HA
  8. Thanks for the replys. I thought the AA1 should work, but I wanted to check before I did anything. Anyone attempt OSX86 on it? I don't think that is works well, I am just curious what my options are.
  9. I am trying to decide between the Lenovo S10, and the Acer Aspire One. Has anyone tried the aircrack suite on either one? Any results? Anyone have a personal preference and a reason why? Help! BMWracer0
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