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Removing/Cracking BIOS Password


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I need to crack/delete/use backdoor pwd for the following BIOS (on an acer system);

BIOS Version/Date Phoenix Technologies, LTD R01-E0, 24/08/2006

Please give me some advice on how to do this, as I am unable to remove the BIOS battery.

I am open to tips, including command line ones (eg; Debug).

I'll be very appreciative to any advice given on cracking/deleting the password, or using a backdoor (manufacturer) password.



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Your last post was borderline acceptable, you didn't say you were attacking a system that wasn't yours. This one is really pushing it. We don't offer advice on attacking or gaining access to systems that are not yours.

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the ONLY way is to remove the battery bar none

you cant even flash a new rom without taking the battery out first

also there is no where you can get help for any of your questions everyone else will respond in the same way, most will be more abusive then we are being

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